Zoe, the girl everybody knows as "it" and "nothing." Everyone hates her--all because of one thing she did a couple years ago. It changed her life forever, and it was just a simple mistake... Her life, is worthless, until she meets "the guy of her dreams," Niall Horan. He doesn't take her seriously, after all she's just a nobody. Why does he want her anyways? Some parts only suitable for 15+, so be aware.


2. Why Am I Blushing?

Niall's POV:

Being tutored isn't all that bad. Except when you get those sudden urges to be in a real high school, eating lunch with your friends, and sitting in a real desk in a real classroom. "Want to take a trip with me?" I asked Liam. He was, after all, my best friend. We went everywhere together, no matter what. "Yea, where to?" he started walking out the door. "High school!" I yelled over my shoulder as I ran to the car.


As we walked through the parking lot Liam kept asking questions, "Why are we doing this?" or "We're going to get trampled, aren't we?" Probably. But it was worth a shot. "Can I help you bo-" I interrupted her sentence, "I'M NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION AND THIS IS LIAM PAYNE!" She looked unamused. "Also from One Direction," Liam quietly said. "Um, okay, well here's a visitor's pass," she handed us two slips of paper and pens. "Thanks!" I smiled and stuck the pen and paper in my pocket while Liam slapped his forehead in humiliation.


I chose the first classroom I saw and walked into it, immediately screams pounded on my eardrums. After all these years and I STILL wasn't used to the frequency of these girls' yells. All the girls ran up to Liam and I, trying so hard to capture a piece of our clothing, like always. I wasn't focused on them though, I was focused on a different girl. One that wasn't in my face. She was blonde and had green eyes. I pushed through the fan girls and walked over to her. "What's your name?" I asked, brushing her hand with my fingers.


Zoe's POV:

"Kelly," she said, walking her fingers up his arm. Gross. I can't believe they walked into MY classroom. It ruined my day. And the fact that Kel acted shy to attract Niall's attention, was pathetic. I'm glad he didn't come to me. I don't even like them anyway. The desk in front of me tipped over, making heads turn. Surprisingly Kelly turned away from her bait to chuckle at my foolishness. As I picked up my book bag, I could feel my face turning red. It sucks to be ghost white. It seems like everything makes me blush nowadays. Kelly's well-known boy magnet got him interested... Not that I care.



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