Zoe, the girl everybody knows as "it" and "nothing." Everyone hates her--all because of one thing she did a couple years ago. It changed her life forever, and it was just a simple mistake... Her life, is worthless, until she meets "the guy of her dreams," Niall Horan. He doesn't take her seriously, after all she's just a nobody. Why does he want her anyways? Some parts only suitable for 15+, so be aware.


3. That Special Place

Niall's POV:

Her giggle as the loser knocked the chair over made a chill go down my spine. Something wasn't right about this girl, but that's what I liked, a little mystery. I still wondered where the other girl went, though. My thoughts were interrupted by Kelly's lips onto mine. It didn't seem like she was a crazy fan at first, but it was hard to tell, now that we talked for a few minutes. We snogged for a while, until someone pulled me away. "What are you doing, lad?" Liam asked, he looked frazzled from all the fans. I shrugged, "She started it." He shook his head and dragged me out of the door, as Kelly followed, writing something down on a slip of paper. She handed it to me as I was walking out of the school, winked, and walked back to the classroom. "Is that her number?!" Liam asked loudly. "I.. I guess..." I said, shrugging. He looked concerned, like he knew something, but he didn't want to tell me. "What's on your mind, lad?" I nudged his rib. "Well, um, you know that girl that knocked the desk down?" he wondered. I nodded, obviously I would remember her. She was one of those girls who everyone knew, but not for any good reasons. "I talked to her," he admitted.

Zoe's POV:

As soon as I escaped that prison of a classroom, I knew exactly where to go. That special spot in the woods, on that special tree stump, under that one special tree. I was speed walking down the hallway as a strong hand grabbed my shoulder and twisted me around. "What do you want?!" I yelled, thinking it was Kelly. A surprised Liam was looking back at me. "Oh, um, sorry... I thought you were someone else..." I could feel my face getting red again as I said that. "Um, I was just wondering if you were okay," he said, looking into my eyes. I quickly looked away, I hated when people look into my eyes. It feels like they know something into my past, which isn't hard. Everyone knows my life, especially my past. "I just need to go," I mumbled, pulling away from his grip and walking out the doors. As soon as my heated face hit the fresh air, I instantly started to feel better. I walked to my car and drove towards the forest, which was where I usually went to take my mind off of things. After a few turns around some trees, I found the one place where I could let out all of my emotions. I sat down on the stump and traced my fingers across the tree trunk feeling the smoothness of the carved out names. I didn't know who Samantha and Harry were, but I knew what they had was special. Every time I felt their names, I imagined them, what they looked like, how they talked and smiled, and how perfect their relationship must have been. I was positive that that kind of thing would never occur in my lifetime, to me at least, and all because of one mistake that ruined my reputation forever.


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