Zoe, the girl everybody knows as "it" and "nothing." Everyone hates her--all because of one thing she did a couple years ago. It changed her life forever, and it was just a simple mistake... Her life, is worthless, until she meets "the guy of her dreams," Niall Horan. He doesn't take her seriously, after all she's just a nobody. Why does he want her anyways? Some parts only suitable for 15+, so be aware.


1. Good For Nothing

Zoe's POV:

"How was your day, sweetie?" That was the way my mom greeted me every day after school. The last thing I want to do is spill my heart and mind out to my mom. We're aren't as close as when my dad was here. As if he was ever actually here. "Honey?" she pushed. Always pushing until I said something rude, to which she developed a hurt look on her face, walked up to her room, and didn't talk to me until the next day. It's a routine, always has been, always will be. "It was fine," I mumbled, shuffling up the stairs.


I finally convinced my mom to put a lock on my door, I desperately needed my privacy. And not for the reason most teenagers need a lock for either. My mind was different, I could tell. The way I process things is peculiar. Especially for a C student like me. I wasn't one of those girly-girls who's obsessed with shopping, nor was I a skateboarding tomboy. Not even one of those emo cutters, although I have cut myself time and time again. Definitely not a fan of any boy bands, especially that good for nothing One Direction.


**(Sorry this chapter is so short! Still coming up with some ideas, and by the way, I'm a full blown Directioner... Zoe is just a character that will probably change along the path of the story! Don't get upset, because I love them, trust me! xx)**

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