Poem dedicated to my bestfriend


1. Bestfriend

In life we all have that one bestfriend,
The one you hope you have a friendship with that will never end,
The one who listens to your pointless dramas,
She is the one who's always calmer,

She's the one I cannot imagine life without,
Without her my body's lights are out,
Her name is Sophie, she has ginger hair,

She's the one who always cares,
Shes the one who never leaves my side,
Because without each other we will always cry,

The day is dull until she calls,
I will always pick up the phone,
She will talk for hours about her day,
And I always think, what should I say,
Sometimes I don't tell her the truth incase she shatters,
But that doesnt matter because she's my bestfriends,
The one I care about until the end.
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