Rescue Me


5. 5


What if he comes to get me? Just like he promised, then again he was the one to leave me..but still he could come back anytime, but stronger than he was.



Jay left the room that I was placed in, and said that she would get some guy named Louis? I dont remember him one bit, but Jay said that he is my bestfriend that helps me everyday.

Just then the door creaked open, and a young lad appeared by the door, his smile brightened up as soon as he saw me, he has blue eyes as if they look teal, man those are the eyes im talking about!

"Ello Sammi." he said as he walked in and closed the door.

"Umm hi?" I stated more like a question.

"Do you remember who I am?" he questioned a bit upset but trying to hide his hurt side.

"Not really, im sorry..Jay said that you were my bestfri-" I was cut off by his lips smashing onto mine, he slowly started to caress my cheek as he deepened the kiss a he was the best kisser ever! Soon enough, he pulled back and couldnt help but let his smile take over his face.

"You are my bestfriend AND girlfriend now." he stated as he kissed me once more then left the room.

Uh..what just happened?

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