Rescue Me


3. 3

Why must this be me? Struggling for a life that I actually want, one that is not controled by guys?



I kicked the leaves around, as I crossed my arms together walking on the park path. This is the trail I always take to go to my secret hideout. I took my phone out and began to text

Louis, meet me in our hideout. I need your help. x S

You see, me and Louis have been bestfriends since awhile ago, when I found him crying in the hideout over a breakup with some chick named Eleanor. But yeah if I ever see her, things are going to go down..and big time. He found out that he was just used for publicity. I mean you can obviously tell that that's what she uses him for! When they walk together, she has a straight face whereas he has a smile plastered across his face like she is the best thing in the world. Honestly, I would be a better girlfriend for him than she is. I finally stopped, when I heard the bushes start to rustle. Whats going on? Just when I turned around, I realized that I should have started running 5 seconds ago. It was Jake.

"Where is..Daniel?" he asked angrily.

"Not here with me." I responded, holding back my smirk.

"Dont be a smart ass with me. He said that he was going to be hanging out with you. Where. Is. He?" he questioned, as his face turned red from anger. Seriously, he would be mad at me for something this stupid? Yup, he would. Well is, I should say.

"Me and him are playing hide 'n' seek." I lied, as I pulled my phone out behind my back getting ready to call one of the guys that Louis gave me the number to. But, Jake snatched my phone out of my hand and threw it to the ground breaking it to pieces. Well that was nice! Hint the sarcasm.

"I know all of your little games bitch, tell me where he is and where you are going!" he boomed.

"He is hiding obviously, whereas im looking for him. Thats the whole thing with hide 'n' go seek..sorry your childhood sucked so you couldnt play it." I said sarcastically. Soon, I felt an instant sting on my cheek. Yup, he slapped me sending me to the ground in pain. Contain the tears, he will only do worse. He actually let me off the hook this time, he normally does worse.

"Dont be a smart ass!" he shouted, as he stood over top of me and started to punch me across the face. Soon I couldnt feel anything and my body then went numb. Couldnt even try to move cause that would only make things worse. Just, stay strong. Jake then forced me onto my stomach, holding my arms above my head. I knew this would come. I felt a sting in the middle of my back, feeling him carve something into my skin.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!" I heard someone shout in a non british accent, as I heard the sound of them running towards us. The knife went deeper, resulting me into screeching in pain.

"Sammi, we are done." was the last thing I heard, from Jake anyway before I was rushed into a car and hearing the screech of the car going off.

"SHE'S LOOSING ALOT OF BLOOD!" someone shouted, as I felt an extra piece of clothing on my back. I looked sideways and found a guy with suspenders draped over his sides. Who is he? He looks so familiar.

"GUYS HELP ME!" he shouted, soon my face was being lifted up and I looked into the most amazing eyes I could have ever seen.

"Keep your eyes open sweetie, we will help you." he encouraged, as he caressed my cheek.

"Hurts." was all I was able to say, before my eyes started to close.

"STAY WITH US! DONT CLOSE YOUR EYES!" the guy in front of me shouted, as he shook me feriously.

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