The Day of Dawn

Scarlette Jones is your normal 17 year old teenage girl. She wears make-up, gossips about everything, and has a best friend. The only different thing about her is her home life; Scarlette has a very abusive dad. The only person who knows is her best friend Harry Styles. He has told her numerous times to just go to the police but she wont; she is too scared. But what happens when Harry steps in after a pretty bad day at the Jones' house.


2. What the Actual Fu**?!

I woke up in a hospital bed......well i guess you could say 'woke up'. I could hear everything around me but i couldn't talk, open my eyes, or even move. When i did try to move it took almost all my strength to even make my finger twitch. I could faintly hear somebody whimpering and also a clinking noise.

I eventually opened my eyes to see my dad being dragged out of the room with handcuffs on; that must have been the clinking noise. I used all my strength to turn my head towards the faint whimpering i could hear. It was Harry. I used a little bit more of my constant gaining strength to run my hand across his face to let him know i was awake.

When i touched his face he imediently looked up with hope filling his read and puffy eyes; from crying.

"Scar?!!? Your finally awake!!" he sounded so happy like i had been asleep for like weeks.

"Hey Hazza ummm what's going on?" i generally kinda knew when i saw dad being dragged out of the room. But i still had no idea why i was in the hospital. He would always hit me and kick me but never went to the extent as to put me in the hospital; he wouldn't do that. Would he?

"Well umm your dad kinda put you in here."

"What do you mean put me in here i don't remember getting hurt?"

"Well, okay so i tried to call you and you didn't answer so i tried again and you still didn't answer and i remember what you told me about your dad so like any other normal person i got worried. So i drove to your house and i didn't see your dads car outside so i figured he would be at the bar or something so i used the spare key you gave me to come see if you were okay."

"You came to my house? To do what?"

"Well i came to make sure you were okay cause you wernt answering your phone. When i walked in i called your name several times but you didn't answer so i went up to your room. When i walked in i saw your phone on your bed. But i didn't see you. I looked around your room until i saw a red stain on the carpet coming from under the bathroom floor. When i opened the door i saw..... i-i saw...."

"Well what did you see?"

"I saw you lieing there uncontious in a pool of blood. I ran over to you and flipped you so your facing upward. I tried to wake you up but you just layed there lifeless in my arms. So i picked you up and ran you all the way to the hospital; i was WAY to nervous to drive. When we got here the doctors imedentally took you away for testing. When they finally finished and let me see you the doc said you hade 3 broken ribs, severe bruising, and several fractured bones."  by this time he was officially crying and all i could do is sit there and watch my best friend feel sorry for me and wonder


 'why did he come to save me?'


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