The Day of Dawn

Scarlette Jones is your normal 17 year old teenage girl. She wears make-up, gossips about everything, and has a best friend. The only different thing about her is her home life; Scarlette has a very abusive dad. The only person who knows is her best friend Harry Styles. He has told her numerous times to just go to the police but she wont; she is too scared. But what happens when Harry steps in after a pretty bad day at the Jones' house.


1. Too Far this Time

Scarelttes P.O.V.


I could hear him coming home. Today was the 5th day in a row my dad came home drunk. I was use to him coming home drunk but not 5 days in a row. I was currently in my bathroom in the fetal position in the corner. I just don't understand why he had to do this to me and it all stated when mom died. Instead of going to a therapist like my aunt suggested he decided to just turn to alcohol. The very first time he ever put his hands on me was my 6th birthday party, he was complaining that i was being selfish and stupid for bringing all these people into his house.

I never understood how something could effect someone so much that they just want to physically hurt someone. Especially someone as young as 6 years old.

"S-Scarlette?" his deep, raspy alcohol filled voice tore me from my thoughts. I could already see it: he walks into my bedroom, breaks down my door and kills me.

I heard his footsteps coming closer and closer to my bedroom door.



































I was right there goes the bedroom door, just sitting here hearing it hurt me. All of a sudden it grew silent. And not the good kind of silent.


Well there goes the bathroom door. I just sit there in silence staring up at the evil man before me.

"Aww is someone scared? Don't be scared it will only hurt for a while!" Venom pure venom dripping from his tone.

He ripped me up from my fetal position on the black marble bathroom floor. Before i could even register i was falling straight back down to the ground with a pretty little red hand print on my left cheek. Next thing i know the wind is getting knocked out of me. Kick after kick after kick in my stomach/rib area. I know im going to have a pretty bad bruise there in the morning.



I screamed in pain well that's the forth rib I've broken in the past 2 years. Not long after the rib broke i couldn't breathe.  I have never felt so much pain until.....

I went black.
























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