"Hi, I'm Jasmine Huntly! I'm just not as perky as I may seem..."

Jasmine Huntly is 15, and like those few hand-picked girls, Jasmine had depression. A Diary was reccomended by her therapist, Miss Williams, and Jasmine travels through her life, writing in her diary with every free moment she can spare.
But will her depression ever disappear, or will it act up again when something life-shattering takes place?


4. The 13th May, 2012.

Dear Diary,

I feel like Miss William's is right. Well, I don't feel it, I know it. Writing in a Diary does help! I know this is all of a sudden, and it's only been 3 days, but I feel better, and excited when I can write in you. Miss William's also mentioned something about "Not getting too attached" because otherwise, if I didn't have time, or wouldn't be able to write in it, my depression might try to make an enterance, and wiggle it's way back into my life.

So, anyway, now mum has a chart stuck on the fridge, and she checks on me and ticks it whenever I have or am writing in it. She's just left my room, actually, checking up on me. I don't mind, because at least I know she cares, and she's as enthusiastic about is as me.

Rule Three For Fighting Depression :

Always have that special someone who can be there for you.

Keeping secluded could provoke any lasting dperession. You might have the urge to cut, or commit. Trust me, these are not the options to try. Always have someone there, someone you can speak to in a time of need, or someone to keep the depression away.

I think that's enough for today. Mum'll kill me if I write anymore. I have a limited time, you see. I guess that's fair enough, but I always have this little pit of... I don't know, sadness, because all I want to do is write in you. But then I'd be too secluded, and trust me, that's not good.


Jasmine Huntly


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