"Hi, I'm Jasmine Huntly! I'm just not as perky as I may seem..."

Jasmine Huntly is 15, and like those few hand-picked girls, Jasmine had depression. A Diary was reccomended by her therapist, Miss Williams, and Jasmine travels through her life, writing in her diary with every free moment she can spare.
But will her depression ever disappear, or will it act up again when something life-shattering takes place?


3. The 12th May, 2012.

Dear Diary,

I have just worked out (using my fingers, and all!) that we have School in exactly 6 days, on Monday 18th May. My heart's racing just thinking about it. I promise you, I'm trying as hard as I can to peel my mind away from the subject. In my current state, adding pressure on top of this is not going to help anything.

It's just, all my friends know I have depression. Mr Kimberton practically shouted it out at the top of his voice in assembly. You could not belive how much I wanted to cut myself.

No, Jasmine, your mind doesn't deserve so much harm. Remember, peel yourself AWAY from the subject?


This technique really works. Trust me, I would know. Breathing deep and long breathes can distract me, and thinking of something peaceful and harmless, like a clear blue sky and a sun shining over a neatly cut field, can help to keep me going, keep positive.

One day, Diary, I promise to tell you everything I've been through. I promise from the bottom of my heart that I will get better, and I will learn all that there is too learn. But at the moment, I must distract and progress, and hope on my name that everything will get better in time.


Jasmine Huntly


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