"Hi, I'm Jasmine Huntly! I'm just not as perky as I may seem..."

Jasmine Huntly is 15, and like those few hand-picked girls, Jasmine had depression. A Diary was reccomended by her therapist, Miss Williams, and Jasmine travels through her life, writing in her diary with every free moment she can spare.
But will her depression ever disappear, or will it act up again when something life-shattering takes place?


2. The 11th May, 2012.

Dear Diary,

It was my session with Miss William's today. She repeated almost everything from last session, but I tried my hardest to stay tuned in. What she had to say was important, and I understood that, but I can't help My depressive life almost prevents me from doing everything that I actually want to do.

Rule Two For Fighting Depression :

With everything you have, try to ease your way back into your old personality.

What I mean by this is simple ; try and get yourself back to yourself. I used to be fun, enthusiastic and intrigued by new facts and meanings.

But now, I'm...

Rule Three For Fighting Depression :

Try as hard as you can NOT to bring up your current state of mind.

I'm not saying anymore. My Diary time is over.


Jasmine Huntly


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