"Hi, I'm Jasmine Huntly! I'm just not as perky as I may seem..."

Jasmine Huntly is 15, and like those few hand-picked girls, Jasmine had depression. A Diary was reccomended by her therapist, Miss Williams, and Jasmine travels through her life, writing in her diary with every free moment she can spare.
But will her depression ever disappear, or will it act up again when something life-shattering takes place?


1. The 10th May, On The Year I could Never Forget.

Dear Diary,

Miss William's told me this would help. I have faith in her, and I wish I could believe her, but writing/diary writing really isn't my style. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm DEPRESSED. She assured me to continue, she almost BEGGED me for half an hour, but I gave in, and agreed.

Rule One For Fighting Depression :

Always be positive.

Agreeing was positive. It didn't lift my mood, but it lifted Miss William's, and that gave me a small fuzzy feeling. A good fuzzy feeling.

I suppose getting this off my chest does help in a way. But I'm not fully convinced. Diaries, as I mentioned about 7/8 lines ago, are not my style. I used to try it out, but dropped it after 3 days.

Dramatically, I LOVE feelings. But physically, feelings are just...there. I can't help them, and I don't really want them, but they're there, and that's how I began to get depressed. Not everything in my life is perfect. And that's something I want to change.


Jasmine Huntly



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