The most cherished book placed in the heart of the middle east, this book that gets cleaned three times a day 21 times a week and is kept in a pure gold plated square box covered with a luxury velvet material wrapped around it and kept locked so it can never be touched until a man or women fully cleans their body and is thriving with cleanliness.
This book can change a life of any human on the planet even the universe it can change it in any shape of form the book that turned a blind man who couldn’t even recognize his family and now can spot an ant from a meters distant the book that changed an old man who could not even talk and walk became able when he opened his mouth all he he would hear his name echo cheers and claps would be running through his ears this book can educate the un educated generation this book is the book of survival.


12. ...


As the day came to an end I seen a man who looked strange he wore a ragged t-shirt that looked as if a tiger had been all over him ripped pants and running bare feet no shoes no sox I decide to follow my instinct and that was to follow the man as I was attempting to get closer the further he got I followed every footstep until they died out completely I saw him drinking water from the river like a camel, splashing his hands like a dolphin would jump up and down I calmly approached him and gently asked why were you running he dint reply he looked terrified humble and afraid to answer my question I came closer he moved further back change my tone in a more serious manner saying I’m not gonna hurt you he starred at up at me and say "I’m trying to run from those murderer's, "what murderers I questioned in shocked manner", "you know Richfellas"?, "yeah...i do why"," they are gonna kill me!, you recognize this book I know you do because I seen you looking at and when you left the room I robbed it you wanna know why? they want this book I’ll tell ya why they wanna kill you me all those survivors like you an me in this world do you wanna know how manny their are believe me their are less than 10 men like us lost, we are not part of this society these guys are mad these are the killers of my children and your children my wife your wife my family and your family you wanna know da power of this book oh this book is the reason why all of us are alive listen son I’ve worked in this company for 12 years yeah 12 long years when I found out that they killed the blameless and vulnerable people I told them to stop I’ll tell ya what they said they say to me if open my mouth they’ll shoot me you know what they did with in 40 seconds they had my family killed I found from my neighbor they killed him to and I had to keep up with this for three years my son now would be 18 and me an my wife would be celebrating are anniversary you see this book once upon a time was cherished and I still cherish it but these people wanna burn da damn thing and wanna get rid of it because this book has the powers to bring justice those who sacrificed their lives could comeback live again even your family will come back alive exactly the way you last saw them the way to this is first find the keys once you navigate the keys then you could open this book then this book I’ve read this book will guide you on the other hand you will face some obstacles and fight through evil unfortunately this may be my last words so on the nations behalf take this book and trust they are watching every move you make in your house and put your driver as a spy and promise me that you’ll do what’s right and bring all of those back including me" , the poor man passed away as he coughed ad nauseam I quickly hid the book underneath the sand and left across to remind me where to come when I need it, I was shell shocked and was out of words I couldn’t do much or say much I went home wondering in my bed holding tight onto my blanket because what I was told was beyond belief I had made mind and that was to accept and fight through evil and be diplomatic at work.

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