The most cherished book placed in the heart of the middle east, this book that gets cleaned three times a day 21 times a week and is kept in a pure gold plated square box covered with a luxury velvet material wrapped around it and kept locked so it can never be touched until a man or women fully cleans their body and is thriving with cleanliness.
This book can change a life of any human on the planet even the universe it can change it in any shape of form the book that turned a blind man who couldn’t even recognize his family and now can spot an ant from a meters distant the book that changed an old man who could not even talk and walk became able when he opened his mouth all he he would hear his name echo cheers and claps would be running through his ears this book can educate the un educated generation this book is the book of survival.


14. This is the beginning of a "NEW JOURNEY" or a beginning "OF THE END"?


That very morning I take a journey to see if the keys are exactly the same one that I need for the book it was along walk trying to think back where I left it after 1 hour I saw the x and ran and quickly dug the sand up and found nothing I didn’t want to waste time before I got caught so I denatured to work and when I got there I was told to meet the boss, the asked me questions why am I late I said I had to meet someone he then asked how come you were out of your house early in the morning, oh my god I forgot that I was being watched he then asks aggressively or were you looking for this, he showed me the book my eyes popped open wide in disbelief and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing so you found the keys and woke up early to find the book yeah I bet the old man told you what he said was 100 percent right yes I killed the yes I killed your wife and yes I killed your children you see you need to be clever to understand politics I mean I guy like you is dumb come on the only people who have survived were chosen and you got lucky maybe I forgot you existed never mind I’m sure now you know my plan just pass me the keys and I will let you go yes I know what your thinking what a big mistake you have made but that’s how your going to learn actually believed the fact I gave you this job without even knowing your name that’s because you didn’t exist on our records so I thought could use and kill you to look I will do you favour you pass me the keys and I will.... bang! A gunshot fired right passed me and the bullet missed and hit the boss’s leg I quickly grabbed the book and put in my backpack and dashed in a silent street and rapidly opened the book, the a light shined over the faded letters which were going to guide me I quickly followed every step I had three months to accomplish everything before a new year started 2022 is when this book finishes I followed every route and in every rout I would find a weapon to overcome my obstacles I walking through most of them and now I was starving no food for fifty four days and had five days left I finally was granted some water and salad freshly grown with fruits out the plants only two day left where I get shot by a gun on my left arm however still conveying myself I could make it just four minutes and twenty six seconds left to make it and surrounded by helicopters around me I could constantly hear gun shots and the smell of fumes coming of the fire I could almost see a light within distant and believe that’s my destination I fighting through every energy left inside me. As Jason sacrificed himself he was seconds away form doing he impossible for making history Jason stands there and watches the light he is 16 yards away from it and stands motionless and gets shot thirteen times.... and fails to recover he dies with a dream with love determination this was a test for Jason he was tested by god and was accepted into heaven but heaven didn’t want Jason that early thirteen seconds later Jason could feel his eyes crunched his feet frozen his jammed fingers and his lips are still but Jason comes back alive through the power of will he opens eyes and he is exactly in the same place where he left with his family everything turned normal how things use to be allot of greenery and hundred percent electricity and one dominant factor that will forever remain is people awake at night Jason is a survivor and made it through the sacrifice for god he did this not for him but for the people and for justice.

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