The most cherished book placed in the heart of the middle east, this book that gets cleaned three times a day 21 times a week and is kept in a pure gold plated square box covered with a luxury velvet material wrapped around it and kept locked so it can never be touched until a man or women fully cleans their body and is thriving with cleanliness.
This book can change a life of any human on the planet even the universe it can change it in any shape of form the book that turned a blind man who couldn’t even recognize his family and now can spot an ant from a meters distant the book that changed an old man who could not even talk and walk became able when he opened his mouth all he he would hear his name echo cheers and claps would be running through his ears this book can educate the un educated generation this book is the book of survival.


3. Miracle person Miracle job Miracle money Miracle cost.


I am browsing for a local job centre where I could earn allot of money in either for me to live I still see no sign so I asked a very smart looking gentleman who spoke in a posh manner he was dressed in a full black suit with a white shirt black tie and with a black hat I asked him I need a job he replied looking at me top to bottom and stroked his fluffy moustache and replies sure why not I’ll get you a job 25 dollars an hour what do you say I asked him what sort of job, it better not be scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets oh no! Don’t be mistaken your in a new place we all ready have those people you could work for me, you see I own a big franchise called Richfellas and its a huge business its been running since this country was found it’s got over a thousand people working you could join them as well I was conveyed by this wealthy appearing man so I asked where are you based he showed me his gargantuan building was 208,879m2 floor area also it’s height was 443.2m even though explaining the measurements I questioned my self the fact how come this stranger has so much trust that he did not even bother questioning my intelligence so i was thinking doesn't he want c.v.? 

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