The most cherished book placed in the heart of the middle east, this book that gets cleaned three times a day 21 times a week and is kept in a pure gold plated square box covered with a luxury velvet material wrapped around it and kept locked so it can never be touched until a man or women fully cleans their body and is thriving with cleanliness.
This book can change a life of any human on the planet even the universe it can change it in any shape of form the book that turned a blind man who couldn’t even recognize his family and now can spot an ant from a meters distant the book that changed an old man who could not even talk and walk became able when he opened his mouth all he he would hear his name echo cheers and claps would be running through his ears this book can educate the un educated generation this book is the book of survival.


10. "Awkward moment"

I came to my office and got to my job then got straight down to business hey guys have you got any information about the key I demanded to the worker because I am their boss even though I am their boss I also have a boss, I found it!.... what? I....I found the location where the book is what book I requested the book we have been looking for years call the boss now! What you want the boss shouted staring around and calls the worker who found the location and takes him with his hands on his shoulder squeezing and drags him round the corner and I manage to hear what he they were discussing, hey I told you, you dumb idiot you don’t shout and for sure don’t tell anyone you come to me remember the plan follow it an don’t tell your head of department understood, yes...yes, now get the hell out of here, I’m in shock I did not understand a word I mean It sounded quiet complex he mentioned some sort of plan I wonder what plan and then said that to the poor guy don’t tell me anything however he mentioned the book that this company are in search for years and are still hunting it down.

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