Only 15; Broken home; Forgotten parents; Lost in her journey of life.
Scarlett relies on her best friend, music, to get her through life, wishing everybody would leave her alone and forget her so she can live and die in peace. When two persistent ex-best friends pop up, Scarlett not only has to choose between the two, but when given a life-changing choice, choose between her life and another.


2. The New Kid

The bell rang, echoing wildly in Scarlett's mind. Her headphones were in and Lullabies by All Time Low was blasting through them on full volume, drowning out the sound of the bell. She loved that song so much. It was very sweet and had such a dark but amazing back story to it. Her long fringe swooped over her face, causing an untouchable barrier that no one dared to cross. Nobody wanted to be Scarlett's friend. She was the messed up emo kid at school and nobody cared about her. However Scarlett preferred it like that. This way she didn't have to impress anyone or act like she cared about anyone. She walked slowly to her form room, taking the long way, round the back where nobody went. Her cuts weren't painful at all today, when normally the morning after is always the worst. 

Scarlett arrived at form, just as the bell went, and as her form tutor gave her a disapproving frown, she went and sat down at the table farthest away from everyone else. She remembers how at the start of year 7 everyone loved her and she was the perfect student, but now they don't even give a glance to an old hero. 

Occasionally, she did catch her old best friends staring, deep in thought at her, but she ignored it. They left her when she needed them most so they didn't deserve it. However there were indeed two people who hadn't completely lost faith in her. In year 7 Scarlett had become best friends with two boys named Ace and Chase. She smiled slightly, hiding it by putting her arms up like she was bored. Their real names weren't actually Ace or Chase; Scarlett made them up for them because she liked being difficult. They did insist on Scarlett's nickname too though, and that lead to a year of Scarlett being called 'Lace'. 

Ace, Chase and Lace were the geeky/hilariously amazing kind of people; the kind of kids that were always thought of as nerdy but seen as too popular and cool to be classified as nerdy. Many people tried to become part of their unique clique but they all failed miserably. It was as though only three people were ever meant to be in their clique.

Ace had dark brown hair that was cut in an edgy fringe over his face, practically covering his left eye. Chase had the same but his hair was blonde and slightly shorter than Ace's. They always struck Scarlett as little emo versions of Fred and George and that always made her laugh.

Ace and Chase had never abandoned Scarlett when she hit rock bottom and instead increased their efforts to talk to her and comfort her, even though Scarlett had always been difficult and plainly refused their help.

It was only quite recently that they had realised that she needed her space and a pained look always crossed their eyes when she had her head down on the table, pretending to be asleep though often just sobbing to her hearts content. This morning was different. Ace and Chase weren't there for some reason. This may seem like a normal case of 'running late' but it shocked and worried Scarlett. They were never ever late. Though loud and childish they were, they always came on time to every thing. It was one of the things that teachers adored most about them. 

Scarlett pushed herself backwards, so only two legs of the chair were standing on the floor, and leaned on the warm radiator behind her, slightly worried all of a sudden. 

Her teacher started talking about notices for the day and started the register. Only five names down and a slam at the door shocked everyone. A meek little head of a lady that worked at the school office popped inside and she whispered to the teacher to talk to her in private. 

Scarlett frowned slightly but watched as the lady came in and the two teachers turned their back to the room of students only to whisper furiously at each other. There was nothing wrong with that- teachers appeared all the time to chat in private, but what shocked Scarlett more was the black haired, lip pierced, skinny jean- clothed boy that appeared behind the lady and walked, head down, hair covering face, to the only other table with no idiots on it-- mine. 


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