Only 15; Broken home; Forgotten parents; Lost in her journey of life.
Scarlett relies on her best friend, music, to get her through life, wishing everybody would leave her alone and forget her so she can live and die in peace. When two persistent ex-best friends pop up, Scarlett not only has to choose between the two, but when given a life-changing choice, choose between her life and another.


10. Freakish Things Going On

Ace and Chase had both been acting very weird towards Scarlett these days. She always found them in deep, whispered conversations, smoke practically steaming from their ears every time they stopped arguing. 

The odd thing was that Ace had been awfully sweet and kind to Scarlett, which while she did find heart meltingly gorgeous, it was very abrupt and didn't fit the whole atmosphere going on between all of them. Chase had now stopped talking to Scarlett that much. If they ever got close to a normal conversation, he'd avert his eyes and try to avoid talking to her. Scarlett had been thinking that he hated her now, but she found no reason for him to hate her and knew Chase wasn't that stubborn to hold grudges over tiny things. 

One rainy lunch time, sat in the arts corridor, all three of them were having a drawing competition.

"Now you have to draw someone you like a lot." Scarlett said, smiling quite widely. It was rare to have fun with both of them with all of their strange problems. 

"Aha!" Ace shouted excitedly, quickly pulling his paper around so they couldn't see what he was drawing. 

"You know they have to be real Ace," Chase interjected, grinning, "It can't be one of your imaginary friends again." 

Scarlett burst into laughter and hi-fived Chase while Ace shot him a dirty look. Now they all turned their backs to each other, ready to draw.

"2 minutes on the clock, and... GO!" Scarlett said, pressing the little timer button on her iPod. 

Scarlett frowned for a second. She had completely forgotten to think about what to draw. Well who do I like, she thought; Ace and Chase... her mind whirred, but she gave up on her mixed feelings and decided to draw the lead singer from one of her favourite bands, Alex Gaskarth. 

The time finished just as she put a few streaks into Alex's hair, and she turned back to them, her paper held tightly across her chest.

"Ready? We reveal in 3, 2, 1, Go!" Rustles of paper and there I saw two sketchy but pretty cute drawings of a girl. 

"Who the hell is she?" Scarlett asked both of them, weirdly. The girl seemed to be the same on both of their drawings.

"Never mind her, who's he?" Ace asked her loudly. 

"This? Oh this is Alex Gaskarth. " She said smiling innocently at them.

Chase laughed and Ace smiled what looked like a fake smile.

"Now who is she?" Scarlett questioned, rebounding their questions. 

"We can't say." Chase said quickly, looking quickly between Ace.

"Aw, why not?" Scarlett asked, pulling her eyes wide open and giving an innocent puppy dog face to Chase. Ace laughed at this and turned to Chase, ready to challenge him. 

"Yeah why not? Only a harmless crush right?" His eyes screamed mischief, and Scarlett wished he hadn't spoken.

"No. Sorry Scarlett you can't know," Chase's tone was firm but a little defensive.

Looking between them anxiously, she realised she'd rather not know. Ace was starting to scare her and Chase seemed very annoyed.

"Okay then forget it. Should we go eat?" Scarlett's tone went more solemn as she changed her mind. They agreed quietly and awkwardly went to the cafeteria, trying to avoid the lingering nervousness.  

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