Only 15; Broken home; Forgotten parents; Lost in her journey of life.
Scarlett relies on her best friend, music, to get her through life, wishing everybody would leave her alone and forget her so she can live and die in peace. When two persistent ex-best friends pop up, Scarlett not only has to choose between the two, but when given a life-changing choice, choose between her life and another.


6. Chase Arrives

Scarlett bit her lip nervously, her hand growing slightly sweaty from the unpredicted contact. Ace then started to rock their hands back and forth, so there they were, walking through the school yard, interlocked fingers, hands moving in unison with their feet. It seemed to her like the whole yard was watching them, inspecting the hand holding and judging them mentally. 

Ace liked the feeling of her warm hand in his cold one. For a moment or two he let his guard down and simply forgot about the mission. The innocence of her rare smile, the cute little blush she always had whenever he did gentlemanly things for her and the way she bit her lip, revealing her braces all made him swoon. 

They arrived at the arts corridor, and leaned back on the radiator, still not letting each other's hands go. Further along the corridor a bunch of year 11s sat. Scarlett recognised them as being the head boy and some of his friends, relaxing, and playfully throwing empty drinks bottles at each other. Ace and Scarlett didn't say anything to each other but just laid back, hands tightly in each others grips. 

20 minutes must have passed like that, when Scarlett realised that she should attempt to talk to him. She wanted him to know that she appreciated this a lot and that she was there for him if he ever needed someone. 

She turned to face him, and he turned back startled. 

Suddenly all the little scenarios she planne din her mind didn't work anymore. Just staring at him, she was speechless. Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, unable to say what was on her mind. Figuring she was probably looking like a fish doing that, she stopped and breathed in deeply, shutting her eyes tight, before opening them again.

"Thank you."

Ace smiled that dazzling smile and Scarlett felt weak at the knees. Straightaway she felt like she didn't deserve his friendship, and looked down, letting her hair cover her face, embarrassed beyond measure. 

"Hey," He lifted her head back up with one finger, leaving a cold trail on her skin, "Thank you too." A starnd of hair fell into her face but before she could put it back, Ace took it and put it behind her ear, setting her face with it. They both looked at each other deeply then, and Scarlett noticed he was getting closer to her. Slowly but surely, he moved forward. Her eyes wanted to close but she forced them open. Only a few millimeters before their lips touched, Scarlett almost counting his eyelashes as they grew bigger, an abrupt slam at the door slammed.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?" A familiar but cold voice rang out across the corridor, and Scarlett span around to see Chase staring at Ace horrified and disturbed.

At least Chase is back, she thought dully in her mind. 

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