Only 15; Broken home; Forgotten parents; Lost in her journey of life.
Scarlett relies on her best friend, music, to get her through life, wishing everybody would leave her alone and forget her so she can live and die in peace. When two persistent ex-best friends pop up, Scarlett not only has to choose between the two, but when given a life-changing choice, choose between her life and another.


3. An Old Friend?

The tables at Scarlett's school were designed very awkwardly. There were two tables where two people sat pushed up against each other to create a perfectly normal square. What was awkward was that you had to sit opposite someone. Scarlett didn't ever like looking into people's eyes; it was her one weakness to see trust in peoples eyes and fall for it. She hated that about herself.

The guy sat diaganol to Scarlett. He didn't even once look up at her or even show his face to anyone. Scarlett was bemused. Normally people would have been afraid of her, or atleast a little nervous around her, but this guy just strolled in and sat with her. His slick black hair caught the lights of the classroom and glittered like diamonds in coal. Scarlett would be lying if she said she wasn't at all dazed by him.

The mousy office lady left soon enough. The gaze of the whole class swivelled between the boy and Scarlett, as if they thought she knew who he was. She mentally scoffed at that thought.

So five names down and her teacher resumes the register. She says Scarlett's name but Scarlett doesn't say anything which earns her a nasty "attention seeker" from her most hated enemy. Scarlett almost laughed in pity of her useless attempt to anger her. When the teacher, Mrs Robertson reached Ace's name, she just completely ignored him altogether. This bothered Scarlett quite a lot and she hoped someone else would notice and ask. Nobody said a word for a long time and she continued with the register. When she said Chase's name, she looked around perplexed. Ace had been ignored but Chase had been looked out for. 'Interesting' Scarlett thought, pulling her hands away form her face and stroking the imaginary beard she always pretended to have. Sometimes she was just so childish it was hilarious to watch. 

A feeble laugh-slash-snort caught her off guard. For a second there, she almost lost the calm, collected, undeterred Scarlett. She looked up violently, scanning the room for anyone who would have seen that, but everyone was busy in their own private conversations, not baring a glance at the two outcasts now. Clearly the novelty had worn off. There was only one person who could have seen that, and that was-

"Who's the new kid then, miss?" Scarlett's enemy and also head of all that was bad and unholy asked, gesturing to our table. 

"What?" Mrs Robertson's face contorted with confusion, "There's a new kid?" 

Alison looked at her teacher, mirroring the confusion. "Yeah. New boy? Sitting way over there by Scarlett?" She asked, before slyly adding, "When he could be sitting with me and my girls?" Looking over at us, trying to get his attention, but after being unsuccessful, winking in our direction, knowing Scarlett was watching.

"What? Oh you thought...?" She started laughing but sobered up at the death glare Scarlett striked. She was also deperate to know who this was. "That's just Ace." She finished, slightly unsure of herself, avoiding Scarlett's shocked gaze.

The class was silent, as Scarlett (who hated looking at people in the eye) lifted her head and cleared the hair from her eyes, staring at her old friend and hero.


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