If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


4. What did just happen?


                       Julia seems really nice, she has this awesome hair with dyed ends which I really like but never have the courage to dye them. The other girl Dorothy, is wearing white shirt, leather black jacket and she really looks like Kristen Stewart, she is really beautiful, all these girls are. It looks like all the London girls have style. ´´Hellooo Amelia, how are you! My name is Dorothy, nice to meet you´´ Dorothy shook my hand and give me a big kiss. ´´Wait you are Ben´s sister? From Ben was talking, I thought you are seven or eight!´´ said that curly boy. ´´Well yeah, Ben is my brother´´ I said little embarrassed. ´´Harry, Amelia is new here, you and lads should show her the city sometimes´´ said Gemma with really strange tone. Dorothy and Julia just bursted in laugh. ´´Yeah Harry, you should show her the town, ease up a bit!´´ said Julia and I really didn´t get their point. ´´You wish Jules!´´ then he kissed Julia´s hand, ´´Gonna get some drinks, girls? Can I get you anything?´´. ´´No we are fine Harry´´ said Julia. ´´Really? Amelia don’t you want something either?´´ Harry asked me. ,, You know what? Yeah, Can you get me some daiquiri, please?´´ I answered. ´´Sure honey, I´ll be right back´´. I can´t believe Harry Styles called me ,,honey,, . Harry left in the crowd and Dorothy started: ´´Oh, yeah, I like this girl! She might be a drinker as me! Haha´´. ´´No Dorothy no one in the city drinks as much as you do´´ said Gemma and laughed with Julia. ´´That´s not true! Niall is bigger drunker than me!´´ she sound offended but then she added ´´Wonder where are boys now´´. I am not sure, but I don´t know if I can do this anymore....´´ said Julia. ´´Oh honey, don´t torture him, you know he loves you, he always did, he just doesn’t know how to make it better between you and him!´´ said Gemma and she really do seems worried. I am just sitting and trying to understand what´s going on. ´´Wait! He is coming, be cool nerds!´´ said Dorothy and went through her long brown hair. ´´One daiquiri for this beautiful lady!´´ Harry smirked at me and give me the drink. ´´Wait kids, don´t you want to see the club Amelia? Harry can show you around, right Harry?!´´ said Gemma and she was winking, a lot!´´. I don´t get it, why did they want him to be away? What did he done to Julia? ´´Ehm, yeah? Okay,... Lets go Am I show you to lads they will be delighted!´´ .,, Sure they will!´´ said Dorothy and drink another shot of Vodka.´´ I am not sure what are girls up to but actually? I don´t mind, it is Harry Styles who is offering me his hand. He grabbed it and.. I wasn´t sure where are we going.

                       ´´What did Jules said while I was gone?´´ asked Harry uncertainly. ´´Ehm, I am not sure, she seemed more quiet when it comes to you not really chatty I think´´ why was I talking to him like I know him for 10 years? I guess that daiquiri worked. ´´Oh, sorry, I forgot, you don´t know. Forget what I said´´ he shook his head and touch his bottom lip. ´´Yeah,...´´ I don’t know what to say to him! He seems really sad and hurt, ´´What had happened between you and Julia?´´ I asked bravely. ´´You really are a cheeky girl Amelia!´´ he laughed but I can tell he suffers. ´´Well, me and Jules used to date, used to break up, than make up, and then date again. I am not really saint, and I treated her like shit sometimes, but yeah, she was always by my side, no matter what, she was there for me, and I didn´t appreciate it, ever, and then I did something stupid,....´´. ´´I am really sorry Hazz....´´ I said and in that second I realised what just came up from my mouth. Hazz? Really? Hazz?? How could you Amelia, how could you said it out loud!? ´´Ohh, I like you Amelia already! But don´t call me that, I don´t like it, Lou calls me that all the time and it drives me crazy! I am just Harry´´ he said, smiled at me and took my hand. He is really cute and well-mannered. ´´God we should get going, and ehm, can I ask you a question Amelia?´´, ´´Yeah, of course´´, ´´It might sound stupid, but I need to ask anyway, are you a fan of ours? I mean you have to know I am that ´´famous´´ Harry Styles from One Direction, cause me and lads don´t like when are girls screaming, we really do are normal guys and we don´t take us like celebrities,...´´ he said really ironically. ´´Haha, don´t worry Harry I am not going to scream to their faces, and yeah, I like your music´´ I am trying to sound casual and sober. ´´Alright then´´ he winked at me and took my hand.

                        There were so many people in here! I am really afraid of many people at one place, I can´t imagine boys have to deal with this everyday. ´´Be careful Am, you can easily get lost here, just stay with me, alright?´´. ´´Yeah i will´´. Honestly? I don´t even know where I am and don´t really recognise the boy who was I just talking to. It is weird I don´t really drink that much, drinks in London must be stronger than in Leeds´´. I got myself together, somehow! And look in front of me. Here they are. I don´t really recognise the faces but I am sure it is the lads. ´´Palls, this is Amelia, Amelia this is Zayn, Lou, Liam, and Niall, palls say hi to our new friend Amelia, Gemma told me she was singing One Way Or Another in front of a TV today!´´. Whaat? Why did Gemma told him that? This is really awkward. ´´Really? That is really cute Amelia, nice to meet you!´´ said Liam and hugged me.´´ Pleasure to meet you Amelia, but guys did you see Dorothy tonight?´´ said Zayn and then disappear in the crowd. ´´I need to go to see Jules, do you think you´ll be ok if I leave you here?´´ said Harry biting his nails. ´´Sure´´ I said and sit on the chair. ´´Guys she is in your hands, I need to go ,but, just keep her safe, she is new here ok?´´. ´´Sure buddy´´ said Louis and Harry wasn´t in my sight anymore. The two of the boys are sitting with me, I am really starting to feel dizzy. All I can see is blur and I am sure this isn´t right, I had just one daiquiri, there is no way I could get so drunk. ´´Lou? She doesn´t seem ok. Look at her she has no idea where she is!´´ said somebody with Irish accent. ´´Amelia? Can you hear me? How much did you drink tonight?´´ somebody asked me but I have no idea who. ´´Ehm, Ehmm, wait me? Oh I just had one drink, from the curly one,...´´ I answered. ´´It can´t be possible she got this drunk from one drink, I am afraid somebody drugged her Lou!´´ said someone. ´´Fuck, what if you are right? I need to call Ben! She is his little sister he needs to know what is going on!, God, He doesn´t answer it, neither Gemma. I need to go find them, Niall just stay with her in case she might get worse okay?´´ Yeah buddy, I ´ll stay with her.

                   Next thing I remember is somebody, getting me into bed. ´´Guys put her in that bed, she needs to fall asleep.´´, ´´I am so sorry Amelia, I hadn´t any idea, that somebody could put something into your drink, ´´ somebody whispered into my ears. ´´Guys, I keep an eye on her, I don´t want to sleep anyway, just go, I will play PSP in your room Harry, you can go sleep in mine.´´ thanks Niall, said Harry and boys leave the room. I don´t get it, where I am? Who I am with? Where is Ben and Gemma ?

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