If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


18. We won´t go quietly.

            It was about 9 p.m. when Niall called me he is downstairs. I put my leather black skirt and white top on, Gemma gave me her red lipstick and I was ready to see him. As soon as I opened the door, I saw his black Range Rover in the dark. “Hey”I said and gave him a smile while sitting on the passenger seat. “Good evening, Amelia” he said back and kissed me. “So where are we going?” I said and put my seat belt on. “To Harry´s, he and Jules decided to make a dinner for us” Niall smiled and drove the car to the city.

            Me and Niall knocked on this massive wooden door standing in front of us. Then Harry appeared in a red bathrobe and with pipe in his mouth. “Good evening, welcome and come in” Harry giggled and showed us the way inside. “Honey, another guests arrived!”Harry shouted on Julia. Me and Niall just looked at each other and laughed. Then we saw Zayn and Dorothy sitting at the table with white bibs around their necks. Niall came to Jules and gave her a bottle of red vine saying “And this is for you, milady” he said and kissed her hand. “Ow, that´s sweet of you!, my sweet sweet Harold can you see it? Our guests gave us a gift!” she answered with the most strange British accent I´ve ever heard and showed that bottle to Harry. Then we all heard the door bell. Jules tidy her white apron and went to the hall. Me and Niall sit at the table, candles where everywhere. “They are sick” said Dorothy and put her hand on Zayn´s knee. “I am not sure, how long this is going to last” said Zayn and kissed Dorothy on her cheek. Suddenly Liam, Daniel, Louis and Eleanor appeared in front of us. Their freaked faces spoke for all. “What the he..” said Louis and looked at us. “I think it´s amazing!” said Eleanor and looked around the whole dining room. Harry and Jules came to us, Jules took off her apron, she was wearing beautiful gold dress, she adjusted Harry´s jazzbow and sit with us at the table. “ When you told us it´s going to be a dinned, I expected some food” said Liam and we all laughed. “Wait for it” Harry said and clapped with his hands. Suddenly waiters started to coming with at least 20 plates of food. Classic music was still playing and I have to say, I´ve never saw something like this in my life. “This is incredible!” I said with an amazement. “Thank you, Amelia!” said Jules back and gave me a nice smile.

             When the whole dinner was over, Niall drove me home. We sat in his car a while, talking about everything. “Look, Louis and Eleanor, came with this awesome idea about camping, cause there is an amazing meadow behind the city, what do you say?” Nialled said and turned his beautiful face to mine. “That´s great! I love camping and when you´ll be there as well, it should be fun..” I spoke up and took his hand. “Sooo, can I say we´re going?” he squeezed my hand. “Sure” I gave him a smile. “Well it´s too late, I should be probably going..” I said and looked at my watches. “What? Please, don´t go, please?” He said and smiled a little. “I really need to go, don´t do this to me, you know I can´t resist that smile” I wrapped my hands around his neck. Then I kissed him, his hands were slowly travelling up my back, mine were running through his messy blond hair. Then I suddenly stopped kissing him on his lips, I gave him a little kiss on his red cheek and said:”Good night Niall” I shut the door of his car and disappeared in the dark.

             Today is Friday, which means today we are going camping. I am so excited, Niall said that lads will be waiting outside in about 20 minutes, which means I have no time. I took a quick shower, packed all things left and was ready for the car. I could hear a loud honking, “Amelia, tha car has just arrived, hurry up” said Ben with his mouth full of cereals. “Already? Finee! I am on my way, Bye Gem! Have a nice weekend!” I shouted from the hall so Gemma could hear me, while she was taking a shower. “You too honey! Say hi to boys and girls from me!” said Gemma in bathroom. “Sure, byee!” I shouted for the last time and shut the door. I was wearing this enormous bag and looked like some freaking tourist, when I got outside, Niall immediately came to me and took that bag off me. “Here, give me that! Woohou, you´re wearing them! I was right you look much better in them!” he said, pointed on my sunglasses and gave me a little kiss on my cheek. I just giggled and walked towards the car. Zayn openend the car trank, to help Niall with my stuff. Dorothy was sitting already in a car, she looked awesome as always. Her hair done in a messy bun, her Ray -Bans on, she was wearing tight jean shorts and white shirt saying: SMART, I could have taken a picture of her and sent it to Elle. “Amelia on board!” she screamed loudly. “Good morning, darling!” she said and kissed both my cheeks. “Good morning you too Dorothy!” I said back. “Guys common! What is taking you so long?” said Dorothy and looked at boys outside of her window. “We are just checking if, if we have everything” said Niall and giggled. They were suspiciously quiet there. Then Niall sat on the driver seat and Zayn sat next to him. “Are we readyyyy” Dorothy shouted and gave Zayn a kiss. “Let´s go!” said Zayn. This is fun, I really enjoy their company. We have already left the city when Niall stopped on a gas station. “ I am run of the gas lads, we need to get some. “Whaat? Okay, just hurry up!” said Dorothy almost in sleep. “Amelia, can you go with me?” Niall looked at me and smiled. “Of course” I said back and we both get out of the car. Niall took my hand, he was wearing black t-shirt, red snap back, and dark jeans, he looked incredible. “Are you excited as much as I am?” he asked. “Even more!” I answered and kissed him.

           When we sat back in the car, I was holding a huge amount of gummy bears and crisps. “I love you already Amelia” said Dorothy as soon as she saw me with my stock. “Well, I know what I am doing, I couldn´t just forget about you” I said back and winked at her. “Cool, cause we are planning to share with you with something as well,..., we might or might not have a snow..” said Dorothy mysteriously. “Wait what?” I asked. “Dorothy, is trying to say she brought some coke” said Niall completely casually. “But we would totally agree if you´re against it” Zayn turned his face at me. “Well, no, I mean, of course,...”I couldn´t find the words. “She´ll decide then right?” said Niall and saved me. “Yeah...” I said unsurely. “Zayn, would you mind to sit next to Dor?” Niall asked Zayn. “Sure bro!” he took his jacket and we switched the seats. Niall grabbed my knee and we hit the road.

            “This place is amazing!” I said in amazement. “I know, right?” said Zayn and smiled at me. “Am, come on! Guys will take our bags!” said Dorothy and took my hand. And then I saw it. It looked like a small city. Huge white tents were standing on the most beautiful place I´ve ever seen. Harry was staying at the grill, making some sausages and Jules was making a salad. “Hey, guys! How are doing?” said Jules, wearing a flower wreath on her head. “It was such a long way, nobody told me it would take so long!”I sighed and sit on the bench. “I know right? But forget about it, this weekend is about having fun, right Dor?” said Jules and winked at Dorothy. “Food is done! Let´s eat everybody!” Harry shouted and wrapped his hands around Jules. Louis and Eleanor came to us, they looked really happy, El was all wet with her sandals in her hand. “Guys! There is a lake and a little waterfall down there! You need to see that!” said Eleanor and grabbed a huge burger. Then we all sit around the garden table and started to eat that delicious food.


               It was about 9 p.m and the sun was almost over the horizon. This place looked incredible. Colourful paper lanterns were everywhere, music was playing and Daniel was dancing with Liam in a slow rhythm, they looked so in love. I was looking everywhere, but I didn´t see Niall. He is probably with Louis or so, cause Eleanor is sitting around the fire all by herself. I´ve decided to sit next to her. “Hey, El, why are you sitting here all alone?” I asked her. “Oh hi, what? Well, I am just thinking about things, nothing important” she looked really sad. “What´s wrong? I could see you´re not yourself...” I kept asking. “Well it´s just, I went on twitter an hour ago, and I´ve read some things about me...”she said and pulled out a box of cigarettes. “Some haters wrote...”I cut her off. “You know what? Fuck them, seriously, let them think whatever they want to. We all know it´s not true, really..” I said and took her hand. “You really are a sweet girl Amelia” said Eleanor and put a cigarette in her her mouth. Then I felt somebody´s hands on my shoulders. It was Niall, he wrapped me around my neck and kissed my hair. “What are you talking about so quietly girls?” he asked and went through his hair. “That, you have a really amazing girlfriend” said Eleanor and gave me a smile. “Yeah, I know, and if you excuse us El, we need to go for a while, would you mind?” Niall gave us a cheeky smile. “Sure, kids” said Eleanor, Niall took my hand and we headed to our tent.

             “It´s really huge there! Seriously Niall, how much money did you spend on this?” I asked and shook my head. “Don´t worry about that..” he didn´t continue his sentence, he grabbed me, pulled me closer and then he gently lay me down. I started to unzip his grey hoodie. I was totally paralyzed with his kisses. His hands slowly travelled down my waist, when Louis opened our tent. “I don´t want to interrupt or something, it´s just we want you outside, that´s all... oh my god! You were.. fuck! Hahahaa” then Louis looked at us in really intimate position. “For god sake Lou!” Niall said and laughed. “I am so sorry! I didn´t know...” said Louis covering his eyes with his hand. “Yeah, we were in a tent alone, we were totally playing cards” said Niall and zip his hoodie. “Alright, alright, see you outside” then Louis left the tent. I was laughing really hard. “What´s so funny?” Niall giggled. “Nothing, it´s just, everytime we are about to, you know.., something or someone interrupts us.” “Don´t worry I won´t anything distract us anymore, alright?” he kissed my forehead and stood up, reached his hand for mine “But now, come on outside” I gave him my hand and we both left the tent.

              Everyone was around the fire when Jules took a package of something white from her pocket. “I know, I know, I am an amazing friend, you can´t thank me later, but now let´s get fucked!” she spoke up, while standing on the chair. I was quite surprised when nobody said something like : I don´t now Dor, this is probably a bad idea. No, nothing like that. I was being a little bit naive. “And, if nobody is against, I think that our new good friend Amelia should go first!” said Dorothy while waving with this package in front of me. “I-I am not sure, I mean, I´ve never had a coke before...” I said little embarrassed. Then Zayn came to me and give me a huge hug. “That´s alright, I´ll teach you, just like I teach Dorothy” he told me. “Heeey, I thought you were saying I am a natural talent!” said Dorothy and laughed. “You are, love!” then Zayn came to Dorothy and kissed her neck. “That´s fine, I just, can someone else go first, please?” I said and smiled. “Sure, I´ll go” said Harry and took that package from Dorothy. Liam went to see his Ipod and turned the music up. I sat on the bench and staring at Harry and Jules. Jules took out her credit card from the bag, then she did this short line on her IPhone. Then Harry sniffed, right after that, he looked up on the sky with his eyes closed and kissed Jules. Jules did the same as Harry, and while kissing him, she gave us that package.  They both seems, like they don´t give a shit about anything. “Alright, now it´s my turn” said Dorothy and sniffed. She had her eyes closed about two minutes. Then she looked at Zayn and said: “Hurry up,love”. It was Example- Show Me Your Dirty Face playing, and everything looks really cool. Jules and Harry are dancing, he has his hands around her waist, she is kissing his neck, that coke works, for sure. “Now, you Am!” said Daniel and hugged Liam. “A-Alright?” I took the package and wasn´t really sure what to do. Then Niall said to me: “I´ll prepare it for you honey” and gave me a foxy smile. That white line was standing in front of me and I thought, wow, this is it Am, forget about all the articles you´ve read about coke, you´re not going to die, and if you are, at least it would be with One Direction. Then I sniffed. That feeling, I could feel my blood running through my veins, in that moment everything seemed, perfect. In my state of total ease, I stared at Niall doing the same. We both looked at each other, he pulled me closer and whispered to my ear: “This night is going to be so fucking great”.

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