If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


12. We all could use somebody.

          I am sitting at Niall´s car, having my blue dress on, watching outside the car window. “What are u thinking about Amelia?” said Niall and kept driving. “How things changed? How would I never expect something like this happened to me? Just these kind of stuff..” I answered and gave Niall a smile. We looked at each other for a sec, I swear he has got something indescribable in his eyes.” You know, I won´t never give up on you, Amelia” he looked at me again and I knew he meant what he said. “Right, we´re here” he said ant turned the engine off.

         Well, this is the most biggest rooftop party I have ever seen. There is so many people in here. Me and Niall, holding hands, got through the crowd and found Jules and Harry. They were holding their hands, laughing out loud, they must be together. “Good evening Horans!” said Harry. “Nice to see you too Hazz” laughed Niall. “Jules?” Niall grabbed Julia´s hand and kissed it. He is such a gentleman. “Hey Niall, Amelia, how are you doing tonight? You look really good” said Julia and I swear she winked at me. “Hello guys, where is the rest?” I asked. “Well, Dorothy said she won´t show up, Zayn is probably drinking his sorrow away, Ben and Gemma are with Andy and his friends, Louis has a flu so Eleanor is taking care of him, and Liam is with Daniele somewhere here. That´s pretty much it I guess” said Harry counting people on his fingers. “Well, ehm, me and Harry are going to disappear for a little bit, soo, have fun kids” said Jules, waving at us, while holding hands with Harry and leaving. “This means, it´s just you and me..” said Niall, pulling me closer to him. “Niall? Don´t you want to check on Zayn? I am afraid, he might do something stupid tonight..” I said worriedly. “God! Sure, be right there, just be careful okay?” asked Niall. “I always am” I answered back and kissed Niall on the cheek.

          While standing at the bar, I saw a girl with long blond hair, red dress and black high heels. It´s Laureen. What the fuck is she doing here? In order to be invisible I turned around and keep drinking my Pepsi. “It´s not possible!! Amelia Howard are you following me? HAHAHA” said Laureen. God, how could she... . “Yeah, sure, I am following you, Lau-Laureen, what are you d-d-oing here?” I asked. “Me? I could ask you the same! How could you get in? It´s just for invited only, am I wrong?” said Laureen looking very desperate with all this thinking. Okay, I am done with all this DONTBEADICKAMELIA attitude. “I was invited Laureen” I answered. “By who?” she asked with really lame tone. “By Andy, it´s his party” I said back. “Well I didn´t know, you...” she said but I interrupted her: “Yeah, you didn´t know”. “I am sorry If I sounded weird but I just don´t get ...”. “Amelia! Where have you been? I was looking for you! Come with me.., Oh sorry I didn´t know you were talking to a friend, just when you´ll be done, could you...” Niall came to me and grab my hand. I looked at Laureen , and she just stood there, with her mouth opened. “Sure love, I´ll be right there” I said and kissed Niall on the cheek. “ I am so sorry Laureen, but I really need to go..., and Laureen?” I asked. “Y-Y-e-eah?” she asked. “I have to agree, there are so many cute boys in London” I winked and run after Niall. Wow, I feel really good, maybe it might seemed like bragging but what the hell. She deserved it.

              When me and Niall got outside, there was Zayn, arguing with some tall guy. “ What t-t-h-e fuck man? She is no whore, stop talking shit, yo-o-o-u dirty dick! I-I-I ...”said Zayn to him. “You, little drunk fucker!” that man grabbed Zayn and punched him right into his pretty face. Zayn´s nose started to bleed, he just lay on the cold ground. Niall pushed that man to to the wall and punched him back. Harry appeared in front me. “What the fuck is going on?” he asked. “It´s just he punched Zayn, and then Niall punched him back and...” I was so freaked out by this situation I couldn´t even speak properly. “Stay here Amelia, please! And under no circumstances you can´t call the police, alright?” he asked, while taking his jacket off. “O-okay” I took his jacket. I went for Zayn and put his weak head on my lap, I took my blazer off and enclosed it to Zayn´s nose. Harry was walking towards them just in his white shirt. Fortunately, there were no people outside, so nobody could see how Harry beat this guy. “Nobody, punches, my, best, friends, fucker!” said Harry while beating him up. “Harry! Harry! Stop! I think he has got enough.” said Niall, and grabbed Harry by his shoulders. “That guy just lay  twisted on the ground, I was so freaked out, I mean I saw Harry Styles and Niall Horan in a fight. “Come on Amelia, we have to go inside..” said Niall with blood all over his hands. “But what about him?” I pointed my fingers on that man. ”Don´t worry, just go inside, me and Harry will take Zayn into Andy´s room, go for girls or something, alright?” said Niall worriedly, while he and Harry taking Zayn on their shoulders. “O-okay” I answered and run into an elevator. I was here all alone, what if somebody saw the boys, beating him up. What if somebody will wait for the boys and returned them ,,the favor,,?. 3.4.5.. then the elevator stopped, somebody wants to come in. As were the sliding doors opening, I saw a girl standing right in front of me. It was Dorothy. She was wearing a beautiful green jacket with leather sleeves, I mean even though she was going through the hard times with Zayn, she looked beautiful as always. “Amelia? Did you see Zayn? Is he here? I assume...”she asked. “ God Dorothy, yeah, I did actually, we need to find boys... and..” I stuttered. “Wait, what happened, why are you shaking? Are lads okay? Where are they?” she grabbed my hand. “Boys are, it´s just Zayn.., there was some guy outside, and he punched Zayn into his head, his nose bled, but I gave him my blazer so..., but..” I said but Dor stopped me. “What? Why? God, Zayn! You couldn´t stay out of trouble for once? If something happened to him, I won´t survive..we need to find them, right now!” she said and grabbed through her hair. Now I wasn´t the only one in the elevator shaking.

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