If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


23. Until we see the sun.

              When we stopped by to see the Buckingham palace and London Eye and every other landmark, I was so tired. “Niaaall, stop! I am tired, I suppose we´ve seen everything, haven´t we?” I asked while sitting on a bench. “Not even a close!” he said and sat next to me. “I am a bit tired too actually..” he continued. “It´s about 2 a.m. of course you´re tired too silly, as much as I appreciate you showing me the landmarks, I think we should go home and have some sleep.” I said and grabbed his hand. “I think you´re right, it´s just, you´re leaving so soon and..” he stopped. “And what?..” I asked and turned my face to him. “And I don´t know what to do when you´ll be back in Leeds, what if you don´t come back? What if you missed your dad so much, you won´t be able to leave him again?” his voice started to shake. “Please, promise me, you´ll come back, please.” He said with his arms folded. I am speechless, seriously, I think I am about to cry in this very second. I don´t think I can tell him something, anything. “Amelia, promise me!” he repeated. “I-I..”I didn´t even finished my sentence when he stood up and walked towards the street. Okay, now I started to cry. I can´t believe he want me to stay so much, I wouldn´t ever expect he would feel it in the same way as I do. “Niall! Niall wait!” he was walking faster. But he didn´t turned back, he was just walking away. “Niall, for God sake stop!” I said in tears. “Why? So you could tell me you won´t come back? So you´ll stay in Leeds? So every second I´ve spent with you was just the idea of love? That it wasn’t real for you?” he said all angry, I could see his beautiful eyes all widen from the anger, he still kept walking. “What? Is that what you think? That it was just a game for me? How can you even think about it? I don´t know if you´re just blind to see this but I am inevitably and truly in love with you, and I am so sorry that you even for a second thought I won´t come back for you, I will, I am counting those hours without you already!” I was screaming and crying and I don´t even know if he heard the words I was shouting. Suddenly, I could see he stopped walking. He just stood on the street not looking at me back. “I am sorry, I am so sorry...” I wasn´t shouting anymore, just gasping. He finally turned back and walked right towards me, he didn´t say a word, he just lift me up and I could feel my feet of the ground. He kissed me so hard I thought I was going to faint. “Good, cause I was never going to let you leave.” He whispered into my ear.

                   When he finally put me down on the ground, I wiped my tears out and smiled a little. “I love you Amelia and you need to know that, now, I am all yours, so be careful what you´re going to do about it.” He said and wiped a tear tickling down my cheek. He could see I was still shaking, “So, this was a long night, what about we go home?” he asked and took my hand. “Sure..” I said in a attempt to smile a bit. We sat into his black Range Rover and hit that London road. I could see he didn´t turn left to Abbey Street, he just kept driving instead. I know where we going, to Niall´s. “When you said home, you didn´t mean to Ben´s, you meant to yours.” I looked at him and giggled. “Look at you, so clever all of a sudden!” he laughed and turned the air condition on. It was hot there, I could tell, and Niall behind the wheel wasn´t making it any easier. “Here we are” he said and turned the engine off.

              When we finally got into his apartment, I immediately sat on his large white couch and started to stare outside the window. “That view is amazing, I can´t believe you can watch the London skyline every day.” I said while glaring at London night. “Haha, you can get bored very easily.” He said and sat right next to me. “I mean, London is great, I love this city, It´s just, I love Ireland, it´s my hometown, I miss everything there, the streets, the nature, family...” he turned himself so we were both looking outside his large window. “You´ve never told me about your family!” I said. “Now? Really? I am going to tell you about them at any other time, okay?” he sounded surprised. But I wasn’t going to stop. “Tell me about your mum, how is she? I bet you´re pretty after her..” I lay down on the couch and put my head on his tights. “Haha, no, I think she is much more prettier than me. Well, she is the most caring and self-sacrificing person I know.” He was so lovely while talking about his mum. “ I´ll tell you about her and the rest of my family later, you know what? Better! We are going to go to Ireland, you can get to know them. I´ll be happy if you come there with me Amelia, but now..” I cut him off, “Wait, stop. You want me to go to Ireland with you?” I asked all thrilled. “Well, yes!” he said all smiley and grabbed my hand. “You´re coming?” he asked and pulled me out of his couch. “Of course, I would love to go to Ireland with you!” I smiled. “That´s great, but I thought, if you´re coming to bed with me...” he laughed. I gave him a foxy smile and he shut his bedroom door.


I would like to thank to all of you, who read this story and actually like it. Sorry I wasn´t writing for a while. I hope you like this chapter as much as I do. :)

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