If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


5. Turn your face.


           ´´Amelia? Amelia wake up, Ben is on his way to come here!´´ soft sound woke me up. As soon as i opened my eyes I realised that Niall Horan was whispering into my ear. ´´Wait, what? What time is it? What happened last night? We were in that club and....´´ he interrupted me ´´Shh, just don go out of bed´´ he continued ´´somebody drugged you the other night, we have no idea who that might be, Harry said he didn´t see anyone and...´´. ´´Fuck, that´s why I felt so weird´´ I realised. ´´Well, yeah, some people are really fucked up, I hope you feel better, don´t worry it was just LSD, you´ll be fine´´, Niall gave me a smile and Harry opened the door.´´ God Amelia! I am so sorry! It is all my fault, that sick prick must have added it into your drink, while I wasn´t looking, I am so sorry....´´. ´´Don´t be, you didn´t put it yourself´´. Then I realised that the whole One Direction was standing around the bed which I was lying in. They are really thoughtful.

            ´´Amelia! Are you okay? I shouldn´t have left from the first place. I am your older brother I should have kept you safe, I am so sorry....´´ Ben hugged me and Gemma was standing right behind him. ´´Ow sweetheart, how do you feel?´´ she asked. ´´I feel much better, guys took care of me´´ I answered. ´´Thank you Harry, I am so sorry that Ben and I didn´t answer our phones, but we just left the club and...´´ said Gemma and Harry interrupted ,,Well actually, it was Lou and Niall who was with her later, I wasn´t with them, I was with....,´´ Louis added ´´Ehm I didn´t do much yesterday, It was Niall who was with her the whole night´´. Wait what? Niall was with me the WHOLE night? Oh God I hope didn´t puke on him or something.. ´´It was nothing really, she was just wasted, a bit more wasted than Dorothy is sometimes. She was really sweet, we were talking and she just fell asleep´´ said Niall. I was talking with Niall Horan last night. I was so wasted that I don´t even remember what were we talking about. Fuck. ´´Thanks guys, I owe you, and now, common Amelia you should go to our apartment get some rest in your own bed. ´´But I like it here!´´ I joked and cuddled myself into someone´s blanket. ´´Amelia, It´s Harry´s bed and I am sure you were talking shit last night, are you sure they still want you here?´´ Ben is joking but as usual I am not a big fan of his jokes. ´´Ben, really, she was sweet, I don´t mind have her in my bed´´ said Harry and grabbed his hair. ´´Guys you are nice, but I think I need to go, take a shower and just start to, well start to be Amelia again.´´ I stand out of bed and grabbed my stuff. Gemma took my hand and helped me with that. Niall smiled at me and it just felt amazing.

               When we got to the apartment, Ben put me in my bed and I fell asleep. When I woke up it was about 8 p.m. I stood up to grab something to eat to the kitchen. There was Gemma sitting on the couch with Julia and Dorothy. ´´Hey girls, Gemma? Where is Ben?´´ I asked while taking a bottle of water from the fridge, ´´he went outside with his boys, he´ll come back later, how do you feel sweety?´´. ´´Much better just little bit hungry, and I can see there is nothing in the fridge....´´. ´´Girls? What about Nandos? I am hungry too, plus I really need their french fries!´´ said Dorothy, while sitting on the floor playing with her pink Ipad. ´´You´re right! Amelia, get dressed, we are going to get something to eat´´ said Julia and take on her beautiful black hat.

                We are sitting at Nandos, God, their french fries really are tasty. Then Julia spoke up: ´´Ladies, I was with Harry yesterday, we went to take a walk, he held my hand the whole time. He was really nice, but I don´t know. We were together and not together for so long, I don´t know what to feel anymore. When we broke up last spring I thought we are going to get together soon, but then he was with that cunt for the first time. Then he told me it was over, and I believed him, we were together again, and then eight months later I saw him with her in New York, and....´´ Gemma interrupted her ´´Juls, he is my brother, and I know, that what he has done in the past is really wrong and sick, but I think he regret it everyday he wakes up´´. ´´I agree with Gem, Harry seems sorry and frankly? I can´t imagine with him anybody else than you!´´ said Dorothy and checked her white Iphone. ´´I think as well, later that night I was talking to Harry, and...´´ Julia stopped breathing ´´What did he say? Ameliaa talk to me!´´, ´´Well not much, he just really loves you Julia´´. ´´OK stop. I am sick of this conversation already, lets talk about something different, or somebody, right Dor?´´ Julia sipped a bit of her coke. ´´Wait? Why? Again? Really? What can I say, we fucked as usual...´´ answered Dorothy while tipping something into her phone. ´´Dor! Jeez stop!´´ Gemma and Julia bursted in laugh. ´´ What ?? I didn´t say anything rude, did I?´´ Dorothy sounded really chilled. She seems really cool and negligent. ´´Dorothy, Dorothy, I love you Dorothy´´ said Gemma and kissed her on the cheek. ´´I really don´t understand how you and Zayn aren´t together like together, I knew you do that thing 24/7 but don´t you just want normal relationship?´´ asked Julia. ´´Normal things are boring and why would I want a normal relationship? So I could spend the whole night watching telly? No offense Gem, I think you and Ben are magical together, doing all that stuff and not get bored but, I want from life something different´´, Dorothy is like in fire, she stopped texting and smiled at me. ´´I  might get insulted you know that Dor, right?, you are so lucky that I love you so much!´´ She and Julia just laughed. ´´Since we are talking about boys, who do you like honey, Liam, Louis or Niall?´´ Gemma asked and then had another piece of hamburger. All the girls are staring at me, waiting for the answer.            ´´Well I don´t know, I think they all are pretty hot!´´. ´´Go girl!´´ shouted Dorothy so loud,  that it might terrify the pigeons outside the building. We all laughed and continued eating. ´´Ehm, btw I gave Niall your number, Am...´´. ´´Wait what did you just say? Gemma?? You gave Niall my number? Why?? Did he want it?!´´. ´´Of course, he was asking for it this morning, so I asked Ben if he could send him it and....´´. I asked horrified: ´´Ben did give him my number?´´ okay now I sound like mentally instable. ´´Stop asking these questions Am, just enjoy it!, Niall is a really nice boy,...´´ said Dorothy. Then we all left the table. Julia offered herself to pay and Gemma with Dorothy went to the restroom. I am sitting outside the building while my phone beeped.

Hi, Amelia. It is me Niall. Ben and Gemma gave me your number, hope you don’t mind. I just wanted to say you good night. Well good night. See ya soon.

Niall .

What the fuck did just happen.

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