If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


15. The dog days are over.

                 JULIA´S POV:


A text just woke me up:

Good morning sunshine, so glad about last night, can we get a breakfast later? Harry. Xx.

                After that I realised how great yesterday was. We were having a girls night, but then Harry showed up. After all my rejections, I realised how much I love him and how much I don´t want him to go away. Even though I adore him, I am not sure if things will be like they were, anymore. But I can´t thing negatively all the time. The sun is shining and I am really hungry, I grabbed my phone and texted Harry back:

Sure. I am so excited, meet me at Bill´s. We have been there with Gemma, they´ve got such a tasty bacon. See you then. 

With love, Julia.

                 I put the phone back on the table and went to get a shower. As soon as I realised I haven´t got much time, I put my white Converse on, and took my flowered jacket from the rack. When I looked on my watches again, I got scared I could miss my train, so I started to run. When I got to the subway I was glad cause my train was just arriving.

                 While standing next to some creepy old man, who was talking to himself, I looked at my reflection in the train window. My hair looks terrible! I put my curly hair in a messy bun to look more serious. God, this happens me all the time, why can´t I just be on time? I can do my best, but I end up being late anyway. When I left the train station, I saw that huge sign BILL´s. At least I got here, since my orientation skills sucks. What? London is so huge! I am living here more than 19 years,  but I don´t think I know every corner of the city. When I came in the door, I saw Harry sitting at the table for two, sipping orange juice. God, how I missed this. How I missed him. His playful curls, his cute dimples, his everything. When I sit against him, his eyes were all sparkling. “I thought you would never come” he said smiling. “Of course I would, it´s just, first the train and..”I was looking for excuses. “Or you just forgot about the time as usual, am I wrong?” he giggled. “No, you´re right as always, I am so sorry, I didn´t want you to wait for me, you should have ordered..” I said confused. “I will wait for you” he said and grabbed my hand. “Forever” he added. I know he would, after everything we have been through, he never stopped loving me. “I love your sedulity” I said and looked directly into his eyes. “I love you, Harry” I had to tell him that. I hate the fact I didn´t tell him so, such a long time. “I love you Jules” he smiled and waved to the waitress.

                 “This bacon really is unbelievable!” said Harry with full mouth. “I know, right?!” I said and we both burst in laugh. We have been all dirty because of that bacon and eggs and everything. We were having such a good time, but then some paparazzi came to the window and took a few pictures of us. Great, there is nothing better then my face on the cover of some stupid magazine. “God!” said Harry, at first he seemed angry, but then he came up with an idea. He put all the bacon on his plate into his mouth and grinned right into that paparazzi´s lens. It was such a laugh. I love this about him. He can turn anything into fun. When that man took his pictures, he waved at us and went away. When I looked at Harry, he had the sauce all around his face, I couldn´t stop laughing. “What so funny love?” he asked jokingly. “Nothing, it´s just, you look, ehm, delicious..haha” I said to him. “ I am sorry honey, but I can´t say the same”he smiled and grabbed a bunch of beans into his huge hand and gave them right beside my jacket. “You just did not! I´ve got beans in my bra you dork!” I was angry at first, but then it was fun. I took my omelette, one half of it I put on his head, and the other half I put into his pocket. “The war has just begun” he said , we were both laughing so hard. Then I looked at him, while he was grabbing a bottle of ketchup, the last thing I remember is ketchup on my shirt. Okay, that´s enough, I took a glass of his orange juice, looked at his frightened cute face and spilled it all over his body. I couldn´t breathe from laughing, but then the waitress came and asked us if we´re okay, if we just run away from a mental home, she said we have to pay for the damages we´ve caused and leave now. We both stopped laughing, Harry took his wallet out and gave her the money. He was so funny, trying to look casual, while being all wetted from orange juice. We took our bags and left the restaurant , trying so hard not to laugh. As soon as we got out, I burst in laugh, for the fifth time today. He looked so cute, even with that beans in his hair. “What now love?” he asked, while taking pieces of the omelette from his pocket. “I don´t know about you, but I need a shower” I answered and winked at him. “Can I join?” he asked and pulled me closer to him. “Sure you can, you smell like an orange” I said and sniffed to his hair. “My car is right there!” he said and pointed at his Range Rover.

               I was trying to find the apartment keys in my bagbut Harry´s kisses didn´t let me. “Harry, please, I need to find the keys” I was trying to release from his touch. “God! But hurry up!” he said nervously, while biting his lip. When I finally found them, we got into my apartment, he took my hand to the bathroom. The beans were everywhere, but I didn´t care. We were both standing in my shower. Like in the old times, like nothing´s changed. Harry was holding me, with his huge hands and I felt safe again. I could barely see him because of the steam, so I reached for his hair. “God Harry, can you just eat properly? What are you a little boy?!” I said ironically and took a little bean out of his hair. “What? I thought you like my beans!” he joked. “Not now, Harry!” I hadn´t time for his dirty jokes. “ I don´t blame that lads don´t get your jokes honey” I looked at him and grinned. He gave me his puppy look. I couldn´t resist him. “Just kiss me, Harry” I said and forgot all my worries.

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