If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


10. Sweet nothing baby, sweet nothing.

              The moment when me and Niall first kiss was magical, I don´t think I´ll ever forget about it. We were talking on that balcony the whole night. He held my hand till the sun came up. It was so awesome, he was is so awesome, I can´t believe I´ve found somebody so great as he is. Then Harry called the the cab and we all went home, except Dorothy and Zayn, they must have left earlier. We had such a laugh in that cab. Harry and Jules were playing that game, when somebody has to guess what´s that other person thinking about. Harry is so funny, he didn´t guess anything, which I found really cute, so as Julia, they are apparently together and they showed us that. While we were sitting, Niall looked at me really strangely, I wasn´t sure, what´s that supposed to meant. Like he was struggling with something in his head, he really did seem hurt, like he was afraid of something. He was so into that idea, he didn´t even noticed me staring at him the whole time. When we´ve got to our apartment, Niall stood out from the car to see me off. We were standing in front of our door, the sun has just came up and he grabbed me, pushed me closer to him and very gently kissed my forehead. I felt like in seventh heaven. “Good morning Am, and sweet dreams, take care of yourself please?” he said and put a small strand of my hair behind my ear. “Sweet dreams you too, Niall, you came with me right in front of our door, I don´t think there is much to take care about” I joked. “ Seriously Amelia, I don´t want something bad happen to you, please, be careful!” he said worriedly. “Ehm, Yeah sure, I´ll be careful, for you anything remember?” I joked and we laughed. “Well, the taxi is waiting so, see you later then” he kissed my hand and then he left. I really have no idea, why he is acting so mysteriously.

               Okay, It is about 12 a.m. I woke about an hour ago. I didn´t sleep well, 5 hours weren´t enough, apparently. Since there was no food in the house, I´ve decided to go shopping. Ben has left me a note on a fridge with the address of the closest corner shop. I put my black vans on , obviously, blue jeans was perfect with my white shirt and black cap. I really do feel well-dressed, for the first time actually. Ready for shopping I left the apartment, the street was so sunny, I felt amazing. Not only me and Niall kissed last night, but also because there was such a lovely day in London. I felt like nobody could ever ruin it.

                  When I walked to the shop, I picked my shopping list from the pocket and started to organise what to buy first. I saw coolers, so I went to go for some chicken and frozen waffles. While picking a perfect I-WANT-SOMETHING-SWEET-AT-THE-MIDNIGHT ice-cream, somebody patted my shoulder. Firstly I thought it is some old lady looking for can beans or whatever, but when I turned, I saw her. I couldn´t believe my eyes. There was Laureen. Standing right in front of me in the corner shop. In London. WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING IN LONDON? “O M G! Amelia? Wh... What are you doing in London? I´ve haven´t seen you for ages! How are you doing?” she said with that most unbearable voice you could possibly hear in your whole life. “ Laureen? Hi, how are you? Ehm, yeah, I am in London for 2 months, and yeah I am doing great“ I said, trying to sound pleased by seeing her, but actually? I wish she bought that damn yogurts she had in her hand and left now! God, how I hate her. I know Laureen, from school, she was basically dating all the boys I had a crush on. She took me everything and everybody. She is this high girl, with blond long hair, she could have any boy at school and God now she had. For some sick reason, she thought we were friends, so she could tell me anything about her personal life.  But she was never my friend. And she never will be. “Owwww, Two months? That´s cute, I bet you don´t know anyone here, you poor thing, but don´t worry! We can find you someone! There are lots of cute boys in the city” she said and winked at me. Oh God, I want her punch so freaking much. She really thinks  of me, about being a twelve year old kid with no friends just computer games and fake Facebook profile. Like if it wasn´t enough, when I looked at her feet, I saw that same vans as I was wearing. FUCK! I need to calm down, I really need to calm down. “Yeah, ehm, I don´t need you to introduce me with other people, I am fine”. Even though I hate her so much, I wasn´t in a mood for telling her about my current life. For some reason I thought that NO for her would be enough and she would eventually leave me and goes somewhere else to bother people with her pesky personality.” Sweety! I am afraid you won´t be able to meet up with people in here, not everybody can make it in London, I mean you´re really not that type for London parties and so on..., I want you to live!” this sentence just went from her mouth. “Well, It was really nice to see you Laureen, but I really need to go, ehm, t-o.., s-o-m-e-w-he..., ehm I just need to go. Good luck in London then!” I said, grabbed the chicken, ice-cream and waffles, pay for it and left the shop. What the fuck Laureen. What the fuck.

                   On my way back, I stopped by in another shop, just to  finish what I´ve started before I met Laureen. I bought everything I needed, finally, there was nobody interrupting me while doing it. I start to think, how it is possible, to talk with a person, who left you with nothing. Why she thinks I have no friends here? And I am not type for London parties? God I was so freaked out by seeing her here, that I don´t even tell her I am here with Ben. But you know what? I let her think I have nobody here. Let her think I am a numb. She is so irrelevant to me. She won´t poison my sunny day.

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