If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


19. So wasted.

                   I looked at thy night sky. I didn´t see the stars, I saw numbers, slowly flying and making some sort of graphs, which were staring at me. Suddenly I felt my feet loosing shoes, I was taking off my shoes, I found myself standing, barefoot, on the ground. I didn´t really know who I was, or where was I, all I wanted was to fly. Then I saw Dorothy, she was running after me. “Amm! Whyy? Where?..”she was talking nonsense. We were totally fucked up, obviously. Then Dorothy grabbed me and started kissing my neck. ”Zaayn, love, let´s get..”she didn´t even finished her sentence when Zayn stopped her. “ What the fuck Dorothy? That´s Amelia you´re kissing, not me, darling” he was laughing. Then she took off her hands of me and put them around Zayn´s neck. I just stood there, looking at them with my empty look. “Look, the numbers, they are floating...” I said and pointed at the sky. “Amelia is so fucked up, we should probably take her to Niall..”said Niall and got lost in Dorothy´s kisses. “Or, we should continue where we started, what do you think?”said Dor and took off Zayn´s shirt. “You know, that you cheated on me with Amelia right?” he grinned. “What, when?” she said and went through her hair. “You´re so cute when you´re drugged babe” he took her hand, and they both disappeared  in the dark. They didn´t go far, since I´ve heard their sights. I lay down on the grass and closed my eyes, time was going so slowly and so fast at the same time. When I opened them, Niall was lying next to me. “Am? I´ve been looking for you everywhere..” he said laughing the whole time. “I want to dance Niall, I want to dance with you, let´s dance Niall, I like dancing” I said and stand up, grabbed his hand and we both headed to find some music. We weren´t that far from the fire, I could see him, we were coming closer and closer, I looked at Niall and squeezed his hand. We were there, music was playing loudly. I don´t really know, what was playing, I just immediately started to dance. In that moment everything seemed unreal. The lights, the movements, the people. I was constantly touching my hair when Niall grabbed my hand and put his around my neck, he pulled me so close that we were like one. We were slowly dancing and I could feel the heat. The warmth was going through my body. I started to feel dizzy but I didn´t care, cause when I looked Niall in the eyes, I felt his love, and that was enough. He was so hot. He was wearing that white shirt and black cap I adore. “I want you Niall, I want you now!” I whispered into his ear. He grinned at me and kissed my neck. “Wait, why do you smell like Dorothy?” he asked surprised. “I don´t know, she was kissing me, obviously..” I said with my eyes closed while I was carrying away by the rhythm. “Fuck! Let´s go!” he suddenly seemed all cheeky. Then he held my hand and took me to our tent. We weren´t talking actually. He took off my shirt and I took his. I was lying on the ground just in my bra and black jeans. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer. I was trying to took off his pants. I expected at least something like “Wait Amelia, are you sure? We are both pretty fucked up” or something like that, but all I can hear was “You are so hot, I want to have you”. I am not saying I didn´t want him as well. I wanted him as hell actually. When I was finally done with his pants, we were kissing much more harder. His lips were so warm, his cheeks so red. He looked incredible. I started to feel dizzy again but I didn´t care, all I needed was him. I travelled with my hands around his neck and waist. Somehow he took my jeans off as well. The last thing I remember is a state of complete ecstasy. I think that coke and Niall are a hell of a combo.

Julia´s POV:

When I looked at Harry, suddenly I saw something different in his eyes. I didn´t really care what was it, since I don´t care about anything when I am wasted. “I need to get some drink” I said and kissed Harry. When I was picking a bottle of whiskey from Niall´s car, I saw barefoot Amelia, walking away, I was a little afraid, but then Dorothy run after her. I hope Dor is not going to let Amelia fall into a lake or something. But as I am saying, I didn´t care so. My hand automatically grabbed a bottle and opened it. I came to Liam, he poured Vodka into his glass and chose another song from his IPod. “DJ Payne in da house, right?” I said and raised my glass. “That´s what I am saying Jules!” he sipped a little. “It seems you need more coke DJ” I said and leaned against the car. “You know I don´t to coke Jules, I can´t look after Daniel when she´s highed, not even look for myself” he laughed and pointed a finger at Daniel. She was talking to Eleanor. The both looked pretty wasted. “By the way, how is you and Harry?” he asked and looked at me.  “Well, I am not sure actually, but yeah we´re great I assume, as long as I don´t see the pictures..” I said and sipped my whiskey. “You know he hates her, right?” he said. “Not really, why does he hates her?” I asked but of course I knew it was because of everything, but Liam´s answer wasn´t the answer I´ve expected. “When she was talking about you, that´s why he was so pissed, that´s why they broke up..” said Liam and poured more of Vodka. “W-W-hat? I didn´t know.., wait, that bitch was talking behind my back?” I asked in anger. “Harry didn´t tell you? I am sorry, I assumed, fuck..., sorry, I think I´ve said enough, I don´t think I should keep talking” he said little puzzled. “Hey guys!” Harry appeared in front of the car. “Ehm, Daniel? Wait, I am coming with you..” said Liam and went after Daniel. “What´s wrong with him? Did you two talk behind my back? Haha..” said Harry. “No, but apparently Taylor had something to say about me back than” I said and went through my hair. “What? What are you tal.., God, Liam. I didn´t want to tell you, cause I am done with her, and I didn´t want the past ruin our future” said Harry and pulled me closer. “God, Harry, you have to tell me, even though I am a bit wasted, but I need to know what did she say about me” I said and bite my lips. “No you don´t love, it´s only going to piss you off, and I don´t want her to ruin our night..!”Harry said and kissed me. His kisses were suddenly so passionate I couldn´t resist. “You´re right” I said back and I dedicated to his lips. “Here, come with me, I need to show you something” he took my hand and we both headed to waterfall.

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