If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


20. So close right now.

                When the sunshine hit me, I woke up. I was just in my underwear. I was so shaking, it was so cold outside. And then I looked on my right. There was Niall, sleeping. His playful blond hair, totally messed up. He looked so cute. I stared at him a while, trying to remember what happened last night. I looked at my legs, I had a few bruises on my tights, my feet were completely red and bloody. I´ve startet to feel cold again, I stood up, try to find something warm. Seriously, not even a little blanket was in this tent. I saw a Niall´s hoodie in the corner, I slowly reached for it, with one eye looking at Niall not to wake him up. I took that grey hoodie on and laid next to Niall, trying to sleep a little. But I couldn´t, I felt so sick, I don´t know if it was that coke or too much alcohol, but I needed to go outside. I was opening the tent when his hand reached mine. “Where do you think you´re going?” he smiled and gently touched his forhead. He took my hand and I immediately felt on him. I looked straight into his eyes, in that moment I was happy. I kissed him and went through his messy hair. “You look so nice in the morning” he whispered right into my ear. “Really? Cause you seem horrible” I joked and smiled. “You little..” he didn´t finished his sentenced when he looked at my tights. “What´s that Am?” he pointed at my tights. “I don´t know, maybe I just fell or something” I continued kissing him. “No Am, seriously, did I do that?” he asked and stopped kissing me back. “It doesn´t matter Niall, there are just bruises..” I looked at him a bit confused. “No they´re not. If I hurt you last night,...”he wasn´t smiling anymore. “You did not hurt me, the opposite, last night was.., incredible..” I looked at him and smiled. “Well, it was, but next time, I promise, there will no bruises, I am so sorry..” he kissed my forhead. “You are looking incredible in my stuff, you know it right?” he pointed at his hoodie. “Oh, it´s just, it was so cold, and I wanted..” he cut me off and pulled me closer. “Why didn´t you just tell me? I would make you feel warm” he smiled. “I know you would”.

                    When we got outside our tent, Zayn and Dorothy were already sitting outside under the blanket. “Hello you two” said Dor. “Did you sleep well?” said Zayn and giggled with Dor. “You know what? Actually we did, thanks for asking bro” Niall smiled and went for Eleanor to grab something to eat. I wasn´t really hungry, so I just stayed with Zayn and Dorothy. “Well, now when your boyfriend is not around...,” started Zayn and I really didn´t know what was that about. “What?” I said and went through my hair. “It´s about that kiss, my sweet sweet Amelia” he said and grinned. “What kiss, Zayn?” I didn´t get it. “I kissed you last night Am” said Dorothy and laughed. “Wait, what? How did that happend?” I asked surprised. “Be cool Am, I kissed you only on your neck” said Dorothy and put her head on Zayn´s shoulder. “Oh, okay then, I suppose...” I laughed awkwardly. Zayn and Dor burst in laugh. “You look terrible love!” said Zayn and pointed at me. “I know, maybe it´s because the coke!” I laughed. “You might feel dizzy a while, but then it eventually goes away Am” said Dorothy. “ I really do feel sick, like I am about to puke every second” I said and looked at my feet. “Hey, don´t you know what was I doing last night? It looks like I was bare foot all night” I said and looked at my feet. “Because you were Am” said Harry and sit with us. “Good morning everyone” he said, holding a cup of coffee in his hand. “How can you drink that after last night” I said disgusted. “Oh, coke sickness darling?” he grinned. “Don´t worry, it´s just need a practise” said Dor and went after Eleanor as well. She was making a salad with grilled chicken. After normal circumstances I would eat the whole plate, but since nobody told me, I would feel so sick, I can just sit on this bench and hope it goes away.

Jul´s POW

                 When Harry grabbed my hand, we headed to see that waterfall, what was El talking about. We finally got there. That was it. I´ve never seen such a thing before. This place was spectacular, trees all around the waterfall, small candles were everywhere. “W-What? Did you do that?” I said, even though I was completely speechless. “Well, practically El with Lou did that, but it was my idea, and they offered themselves to do that, so..”  said Harry while touching his lip. “I hope you like it...” he added. “Like it? I love it!!! It ´s seriously amazing Harry..”I didn´t even finished my sentence when I grab him by his hips and pulled him closer. “I love you Jules, I always will, and I´ve always have” said Harry, while looking directly into my eyes. “I love you Harry, you´re the best thing in my life, I will never let you go and you should know that..”.Then he started to taking off his shirt and pants. “W-what are you doing silly?” I said laughing. “Well we are going to have a bath love” he said and took my hand, “I will wait for you in the water”, he added. As he was walking into the water, I was staring at his perfect body, his tattoos all around his arms and chest. He makes me fall on my knees everytime I see him shirtless. I took off my clothes and went right to him. The water here was deeper, so I swam. He reached his hand to mine, and pulled me closer to him. It was such a fun. He sank his head under the water, stood like that a few seconds and then emerged. “What was that?” I said, while trying not to drown. “I was just checking you love” he grinned. “Oh God!” I said all laughing. “By the way, you´re beautiful” he said and gave me a wet kiss. His hands travelled all around my waist, we got closer and continued where we started.

                   I woke up, laying on the wet grass, rain drops were falling on my face. I looked around and saw Harry sleeping like a little baby. I was wearing his shirt and he was just in his boxers. “Love, we need to go, it´s raining, you get cold, wake upp!” I said while touching his cute cheeks. “Whaat? What time is it Jules?” he asked and sit on the grass. “For god sake Harry, I don´t know what time is it, take your shirt, we need to go!” I said while giving him his shirt. He took it and laughed. While I was taking my dresses on, Harry started: “You´re so cute when you´re nervous”. Then he took his clothes on and grabbed my hand. “I love you today” he said and kissed my forhead. I gave him a smile, he took my hand and we both started to run. We were all wet from the rain, I couldn´t even see through my humid hair, when we finally saw our tent, we walked in and grabbed the warm and soft duvets. We were both shaking from the cold. Then I burst in laugh. I looked at him and laughed even harder. “What´s so funny?” he asked curiously. I couldn´t say a word. “Juliaaaa, what´s so funny?” he repeated his question like a little boy. “You look like a sloopy dog Harry Styles” I said seriously. His wet curls, and the way he held his duvet. “You´re mean! I can get a cold!” he said and went through his humid hair. “Like I´ve ever heard it before...” I said jokingly and hugged him. We looked ridiculous, hugging each other with that blankets. But I didn´t mind, cause it felt amazing. He is amazing.

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