If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


16. Run right back.

Dorothy´s POV

         While I was sitting on the floor, I went through my hair. This is really awkward situation. He has no idea, what he has done to me. When he left me, all by myself. “ Ehm, I just, I want to apologize” I said first.”For everything, for my behaviour, I shouldn´t have expect it would be so easy” I said but he stopped me. “Do you think that´s why I am mad? Cause it´s not easy? For God sake Dorothy! Being with you is, so, fucking, hard. Don´t you see what are you doing to me all the time? Yeah, first it was all about sex, I thought it won´t change, but then I started to like you more and more. But you seem being okay with things like they were. I can´t pretend anymore...”he said and stood out of the bed, “I love you Dorothy and I am so sorry you can´t feel the same” as soon as he said that, I started to cry. If he could only knew I love him too. He came to me and took my hand. “Say something Dorothy, please. If you don´t love me, just say it, or tell me to go away, then I´ll be gone, forever, just say something!” a tear came down his cheek. “I-I-I I love you Zayn” came from my mouth and I couldn´t believe I´ve just said it. “Oh my God love” he said and pulled me closer to him. He grabbed me and kissed me, he kissed me so hard that I thought I was going to faint. His soft kisses assured me, why did I tell him so. I love him, I´ve always have, I just wasn´t strong enough. All this time, I was trying to avoid love, that bitch who broke so many hearts, that bitch who broke my heart a million times. Then we both lie down on the bed. Zayn took my shirt off but I could see he was weak from that fight. “I can do this babe, just please be careful” I said in worry he might suffer. “ Sweety, when you´re not going to punch me, everything is fine” he joked and gave me a smile. We both laughed and continued where we´ve started.

          Drops falling on the window just woke me up. It takes me a while, after I realised that we are at Andy´s. I looked on my right, and there he was. Sleeping like a baby. He hasn´t got any shirt, so I could stare at him as long as I want to. After staring at his beautiful body, I noticed bruises and wounds on his chest. It must hurt as hell, that´s why I´ve decided to make him feel better. I slowly started to kiss his wounds. The pouring ran was so sedative. Then he sobbed. “Well, well, look at this teddy bear who is about to wake up from the hibernation” I joked and caressed his messy hair. “What time is it?” he asked and turn face to mine. “ It´s about 10 a.m love” I said and stood out of bed. “Where are you going Dor?” he asked. “Don´t worry bear, I just want to tell Andy, that we´ve spent the night in his guest room, in case he doesn´t now it yet” I took my dress on and gave Zayn a soft kiss on his cheek. “Just, hurry, I don´t like being in bed on my own” he said and fell asleep.

          When I got to the living room, there was nobody in the house. I went to the kitchen, a little note was glued on the fridge:

Sweet sweet Zayn and Dorothy, Harry called me and told me what happened yesterday, don´t worry, stay here as long as you need to. Me and Dakota went to Liverpool for the weekend, food is in the fridge, at least what has left from yesterday. Have fun kids.


          I love Andy, he is so cool. I opened the fridge and found some eggs and ham. I made an omelette and bring it to Zayn´s bed. “ He was still asleep, he looks like an angel, I love staring at him while he sleeps, but as much as I adore him, he really need to eat something, since he didn´t eat at least 24 hours. “Pss, love, wake up! You need to eat!” I said and caressed his cheek. “Erghhh” he said and wrapped himself in the duvet even more. “Alright then, you´ve wanted this” I put the breakfast on the table, stood next to him, grabbed his duvet and throw it on the floor. It was so much fun. “You, little..!” he said and took me into bed all smiling. “You little, what?” I grinned. “ I´ve got into a fight for you last night, you could have at least a decency to let me sleep!” he said and started to unzip my hoodie. “I´ve made you breakfast Zayn, but sure, if you don´t want it, I can throw it away” I laughed. “What? Food? God, I am so hungry,.. would you mind if we continue this later? C-cause I can smell the omelette and..”he said while sniffing the food. “Sure” I said and gave him a smile. I gave him the plate and put the grape juice on the bedside. “Bon appétit Zayn” I said and reached for my phone. While was Zayn eating like a tiger I´ve found a text from grandpa:

Good morning Dorothy, Me and Francesca want you to invite on a supper. I haven´t see you for ages, it would mean so much to me If you come. I am in London next week, so what about next Friday? You can bring some friends if you want to. I am looking forward to seeing you sweety.

With love, Jonathan.

            As soon as I read the text I sighed a little. “What´s wrong Dor? Who is texting you?” he asked with his mouth full. “It´s just grandpa, he wants to meet next Friday” I answered and put the phone back. “And? I thought you like hanging out with Jonathan” he asked confused. “I do, I just don´t like this ,Francesca, a little Italian 23 year old whore” I answered. “God, Dor” replied Zayn and laughed. “You know what would make me feel want to go?” I asked him and looked directly into his eyes. “You! Please come with me, it will be fun!” I said and wait for his answer like a little girl. “ For you everything!” he replied and kissed me with his mouth full of the omelette.

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