If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


22. Our time is running out, Horan!

           I am already at home. The trip was so amazing. I would never expect something like this happen to me. I am laying on my bed and listening Mumord&Sons when my phone ranged. “Amelia, sweety!”, it was my dad. “Daaaad! Hiii! I am so glad you´re calling! How are things in Leeds? Are you okay?” I asked thrilled. “Of course I am love, how is your brother?” he asked. “Well, Ben is fine actually, he is always fine, you know him..” I replied. It´s so good to hear from dad, I miss him so much. “So, are you enjoying your last two weeks?” he asked. “Wait, what? I´ve got only two weeks? It´s not possible, I-I” I was looking for diary in my bag. Shit, he is right, I have two weeks in London.”Well, yeah, I-I have two weeks left...”I said. “Honey, you know you could stay with your brother, it´s just your final exams are in the end of May, you need to finish them, so you could go to college...”he just reminded me my duties in Leeds. “Yeah, yeah, I know, it´s just, I wish I could stay a bit longer...”I said back. “I know honey, I need to go now, Thomas came, we are about to watch Premiere League, call you then?” he asked.”Of course, goodbye Dad”,”Goodbye sweety, keep an eye on Ben, byeee!” he hang up. I put my phone back on the table and put my hand between my tights. Shit. Two weeks left.

           I walked in the kitchen, Gemma was making a chicken with potato salad. “Hmm, it smells delicious Gem” I said and sniffed. “I hope it´ll taste as much good as it smells Am” she said and put her kitchen gloves off her hands. I sat at the table and just stared at the window. “What´s wrong Am?” she noticed my introvert behaviour. “Well, it´s just, I just found out that I am leaving in two weeks..” I went through my hair. “Already? But, you can come back to London as soon as you can, right?” she sat at the table with me. “Well, yeah, I can, the problem is, I will be gone for at least a month and it´s such a long time, I got used to this London life you know?” I smiled at her. “I know love, don´t worry, when you finish your exams, you can get back right away, we´ll wait for you here, Niall will wait for you here” she took my hand and looked in my eyes. “Just, don´t worry, okay?”. “Okay” I said back and smiled a little. Then she stood up from the chair and went to see the chicken in the oven. “By the way, Niall called, while you were in the shower, he is going to wait for you outside at 8 o´clock” she said while taking the chicken out. “Oh, alright? I´ll call him later, thanks Gem, for everything” I said and sip a glass of water. “Sure honey, whenever” she smiled and I left the kitchen.

            It was about 7:59 when I heard a loud blare. I keen out from the window and then I saw him. Leaning against his perfect black Range Rover in his black jeans with zip on the bottoms, white shirt and black red jacket. Seriously? Why does he do this to me? I put my green dresses on and grabbed my grey jacket.

            While walking towards him, I realised. I´ve spent the best months of my life here. With the most amazing people ever, I don´t really want to go. I don´t want to not see Niall everyday. He was smiling the whole time I was in front of him. “You, you look amazing Amelia” he smiled and put a small strand of my hair behind my ear. “Thank you Niall” I said sorrowful. “What´s wrong Am? Did I say something I shouldn´t or?..”I cut him off, “No, what you said was perfect, really it´s nothing,....what´s the plan love?” I asked with a fake smile. “Weeell, I thought about that cool cake shop in West End..” he said while grabbing his driving wheel. “That sounds great! Lets go!” I replied and we hit the road.

             Me and Niall were sitting at the window table, he was eating a double-chocolate cake with an extra cream, and I was eating a strawberry donut with chocolate chips. “So, you seem a bit sad today, what´s wrong? And don´t say nothing, I´ve noticed you´re not yourself tonight” he spoke up with his mouth full of his cake. “Well, I´ve just found out, that I have to go back in Leeds in two weeks.” I put my donut back on a plate. “What? Why??” he said with chocolate all around his cute face. “I´ve got my exams in May, I need to finish school, I supposed to be here for two months and today is 24th, so...”. “Okay, I get it, but you´ll come back after your exams right?” he sounded fearful. “I want to! But that would mean a month without you,.... and I haven´t even seen all London landmarks!” I said to ease the air a bit. “Don´t worry, we´ll catch it, what time is it?” he looked at his watches and continued, “Well its about 21:20 pm, which means we have exactly 347 hours till your departure, and we need to leave now!” he said and went to pay for our cakes. When he came back he started: “Why didn´t you tell my I´ve got a chocolate all around my face?” he asked laughing. “You were so adorable, I didn´t want to...” I laughed. “Firstly, that was mean Amelia, even from you, secondly, why are you still sitting at the table? We need to go, now!” he said while putting his jacket on. “Wait, why? Where?” I asked. “To show you the London Am..” he smiled, grabbed my hand, and we both left that cake shop.

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