If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


7. No matter if I fall from the sky.


                  Okay, I just put my black jeans and black jacket on. I have curled my hair and and took my new black hat which I bought the other day. Ben is calling me from the kitchen.”What Ben?” I asked. “Amelia just be careful tonight please, I don´t want something happened to you, again!” he said worriedly. “Sure, don´t worry I ´ll be extra careful tonight” I winked at him and looked on the floor. There was Gemma standing in really high heels, with perfect hair and stunning dresses.”God, love I thought you are going out with girls not with Tony Blair!” said Ben in amazement. “Do I look sexy, Benny?” she made that pose grabbing her dress more upper and pouted her lips, she was really funny actually.”You´re hot as hell Gem, Amelia, look after her please, I don´t want any boy around her, alright?” asked Ben. “Sure brother, I keep an eye on her” I winked at Gemma, she took my hand and we both left the apartment.

                  “It is extremely starry tonight, don´t you think?” said Gemma while looking from the window in a cab. “Yeah, I think so.., Gem? Can I ask you something?” I said uncertainly. “Sure honey, what is it?”. “Ehm, Niall texted me last night and....” Gemma interrupted me “He what? Ohh, he is such a sweetheart, you should keep him Amelia, at least for now, you´ll see....” she winked at me and continued “Alright, we are here, Amelia, darling, go up front, I´ll take care of the cab.”

                    As I am walking towards the club door, I can see Eleanor with Jules outside the club. They look stunning, Jules is wearing black converse with really short purple dress and Eleanor, well she is just well-dressed as always. “Sweety! Hi!” Eleanor waved at me. I came up to them and they both gave me strong hug.”Hi, Amelia, how are doing tonight? I am genuinely happy that you´re here with us” Jules gave a smile. “Hello girls, ehm, Gemma is just paying for the cab, she will be here in any minute” I said looking for her in the dark. “That´s fine Am, she´ll find us, lets go inside!” said Eleanor and grabbed Julia by her hand. “Well, okay” I said and we headed inside.

                    “Ehm girls? I need to go to the restroom, I ´ll find you, alright?” I just let them know. “Sure Am, but just be carefull okay? It so crowded in here tonight, I don´t want you to get hurt or drugged, again!” said Julia and laughed. I gave her a smile and went to the restroom.

                     Five minutes later, I got out and was ready  looking for girls. Finally! I saw Dorothy´s perfectly done hair, they must be there. I was walking towards them and didn´t really noticed who were with them. As soon as I got to our table I realised Dorothy sitting on Zayn´s lap and Harry sitting next to Julia, listening every word she was saying. “Ehm, hey guys, I had no idea you would be here tonight, Eleanor told me, it would be just girls night, so I assume....” Gemma stopped me “III know but, then Niall called me and he said that lads are coming here so, so I couldn´t do anything to make them stop, hahaa....”said perfectly wasted Gemma “I should call Ben, bee right back, ´kay?” she grabbed her phone and disappeared in the crowd. “Sit down babe” said Louis and kissed Eleanor on the cheek. While I was sittng at the table I had a minute to stare at them without them realising. Dorothy was sipping her drink, flirting with Zayn. Ehm, wait, right after flirting, Zayn put his tongue right into Doroth´s mouth. She grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor. Not like I wanted to stare so much, but he actually wrapped her whole body against him like they were about to have sex right on the dance floor. He pulled her against the wall, sit her on the table and put himself between her legs. GOD! It might seem beyond ´´sexual´´ but they seem in love. They were full of passion, which I didn´t feel so long. It might seem weird, but I was jealous of them. When I put my sight on Dorothy, she was constantly looking at her phone and watches. Like she couldn´t be in Harry´s company anymore. Harry noticed her distance, he was hurt, I can tell. Then he whispered something into her ear and they both left the table holding their hands. As I was staring around people I was sitting with, I realised that Niall wasn´t here. Little bit disappointed I headed to the bar order a beer.

                     Sitting on the bar chair, somebody put a hand on my shoulder. “Amelia?” it was Niall. “Oh! Hey Niall” I answered really surprised. “What are you drinking tonight?” he asked me. “Ehm, beer, no daiquiri tonight! “ I was trying for a joke, but it doesn´t sound like one. “I love beer! Might if I join you?” he said warmly. “No, not at all, sit! “ I pointed at free chair beside me. We were both sitting in total silence. “Ehm, about yesterday and the day before, I just wanted to apologise for not asking you for your number, it just, then you left and you know....”he continued “Anyway, how are you doing tonight?” he gave me this really nice smile. I took a minute and looked at him. He was wearing jean jacket with black sleeves, dark jeans with a zip aside them. He looked, well, he looked really hot. Finally I stopped staring at started: “I am good, really good tonight actually, I am so happy that you´re here tonight and I can finally talk to you sober, haha...” I smiled at him and sipped my beer. “Yeah, It´s cool talking to you when you´re not puking”. Wait what? I really was puking the other night! “Please say I didn´t,...” I was really embarrassed. “You didn´t” he said. “Really?” I said back. “No! Hahaha” he was laughing really hard, his laughter is so cute. “I am sorry for telling you this, but you puked on my trousers and then on my shirt,...”he sounded to continue his speech. “But it´s fine, I am used to being puked on” he joked. “You have no idea, how sorry and embarrassed I feel right now. Seriously, in words I can´t describe how sorry I am” I looked at him really ashamed. “It´s fine! Really! You can make it by going out with me sometime,...” he said and gave me a foxy smile. “Sure, anything, I´ll do anything for you,..” I said it, not realising that he just asked me out. “Really? Anything? It sounds tempting!...” he bite his lip and ordered us another beer.

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