If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


17. New stories.

          When I woke up, Niall wasn´t in the bad anymore. It took me a while when I realised what day is it. When I turned my face on the left, there was a note on my pillow:

Good morning, sorry for not being here when you woke up, We have rehearsals at 10 a.m. and I am still late. I´ll call you when I am done.


            I sighted a little and got out of the bed. I walked to the living-room, where were Gemma and Ben sitting on a sofa watching some morning show. “Good morning kids, how are you doing today?” I asked gaily. “Woho, It seems like someone had fun last night” said Gemma and winked at me. “I wanted to say the same, but then I saw Ben” I joked and sipped a coffee. “Am, please, can you speak more quietly? My head hurts...”said Ben and gave his hand on Gemma´s lap. “By the way, If you think I was so wasted last night and I don´t know that Niall spent the night here, you´re wrong” said Ben with his eyes closed. I swallowed a mouthful of cereals very loudly. “I am fully aware of this fact, and you should know, that I know it was you, who threw up all around the bathroom door, Ben” I said in order to change the subject. “I am so sorry Am, I´ve totally forgot to clean it..”said Gemma worriedly. “Love you Gem” whispered Ben into Gemma´s ear. “Me too” Gemma whispered back. “Don´t change the subject Amelia” said Ben. Shit. “I am not trying to be like dad, but..I hope you were safe..”said Ben very awkwardly. “For God sake Ben! Stop! I am not going to talk to you about that!” I said back. “I agree, just let it be Ben, Amelia is a smart young woman, I am sure that Niall is a pretty intelligent too..” said Gemma in my defence. “Alright, it´s just I hope you two..”said Ben and I cut him off, “ Eww, Ben please stop!” I said and put the the empty bowl on the kitchen counter. “Thanks Gemma” I said and winked at her, “And as for you, take some aspirin for your head” I said to Ben and pointed at his head. “Now, I am going to get a shower” I spoke up and shut the bathroom door. “I really hope she is not doing anything stupid...”...”Please Ben, she knows what she´s doing..”.... That´s what I´ve heard from the living-room until the water trickled down.

             When I got out of the bathroom, nobody was in the apartment anymore. I took the situation and turn on my Ipod. Justin Timberlake- Mirrors was playing so hard, that even Mrs. Tinkle could here it in a lower flat. I didn´t mind, I was dancing just in my bathrobe. I had a pretty good time on my own actually. But then I heard a loud knocking. I opened the door and then saw Dorothy, Jules and Eleanor. “H-Hi girls? What are you doing here? Gemma is not here, she has probably left an hour ago..”I said but then Eleanor cut me off. “We are not here to see Gemma honey, we are here to see you and ask you some serious questions” she said and the Dorothy spoke up “Yeah, really serious questions, can we come in?”. “Yeah, sure, come on” I let them in. They immediately sat on the sofa and muted the music. I was still just in my bathrobe, but they didn´t seem to care. “Well, well, we´ve heard something..., something really interesting, about you and Niall? You know that cute blond Irish boy?” Eleanor asked, while Dorothy and Jules were laughing. “Ehm, what exactly did you hear?” I giggled. “That you and Niall, last night,you know...”said Jules. “Me and Niall what?” I asked jokingly. “For God sake Amelia, that you two got laid last night” said Dorothy completely offhand. “W-W-hat? Who told you so?” I didn´t get it, how could they know anything? “That´s not important sweety, we just want to know, or at least I want to know, how was it?” asked Dor. “Oh my God, what´s wrong with you all? We didn´t do anything last night!” I laughed. “Wait what? You two, didn´t..?” asked Eleanor. “No, me and Niall certainly didn´t” I answered flustered and really amused. “God, Gemma?!” said Dorothy completely out loud. We all turned our faces and looked at her. “You didn´t have to say that Dorothy!” said Jules. “Ops” Dorothy seemed little ashamed. “Gemma, Gemma, I am sure Ben made her to ask you something about me and Niall..”I said and laughed. “Wait, you´re not mad at her for telling us?” Eleanor said and smiled at me. “No, why would I? She didn´t mean it wrong” I said and sat on the couch with them. “But something must have happened last night between you and Niall!” said Eleanor and turned her face at me. “ Well, yeah, me and Niall are sort of together...” I said little bit ashamed. “I knew it!! You two are so cute together!” Eleanor winked at me. “Niall is a really good guy Amelia, you´re really lucky to have him in your life” Jules spoke up. “After everything he has been through, you´re the perfect girl for him” she continued. “Hold on girls, I said we are together, not that we are getting married any soon” I joked. “But if you are, can I be a maid of honour please, please??” Eleanor joked. “Sure,why not?” I said back and we all laughed.

            When girls went home, I´ve decided to clean the apartment up a bit but then my phone beeped. It´s a text from Gemma:

I am so so sorry for telling girls, please don´t be mad at me?

I took my phone and tipped:

I am not mad at you, not even a little. Don´t worry about it, really. Have a good day Gemma :)

I texted back and continued in bathroom cleaning, but then my phone beeped again.

I need to see you tonight, Niall.

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