If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


24. My little Pony.

                     I am running, the rain is stronger and stronger, my feet hurt, I am gasping, I can´t go further. Suddenly, the sun is shining, it´s no longer raining, I am standing at this huge hill, looking down and realising I just made it. I´ve reached the climb. The feel of amazement made a smile on my face. Wait, my nose is itchy. I feel slight tickling on my feet. I opened my eyes and instead of that beautiful view, I can see Niall, smiling at me with a sparkle in his gorgeous eyes. “Finally! I am trying to wake you up for more than hour!” he giggled. “Really classy Horan, you really are a sweet heart!” I joked and rubbed my eyes. “What time is it, dream-blocker?” I asked. “Emm, its nearly 11 a.m.” he looked at his phone and continued, “What did you dream about?” he asked and lay down on the bed with me. “About you!” I didn´t hesitate, I know that dream was about him, the hill, that feeling, my whole existence depends on him. He just looked at me, grabbed me by my hip and turned me on his body so I was laying on him. “Dreams come true, you know that, right?” he grinned and kissed me on my mouth. “I know, dreams are great, but reality is much better!” I said and kissed him back. “I like reality, especially right now... with you Amelia!” as soon as he finished his sentence he rubbed his hands into my hair and we continued what we´ve started last night.

                    We are both laying on the bed. “Alright love, I really need to go now, I didn´t tell Ben I stayed with you last night..” I said, kissed his cheek and looked for my shirt. He just gave me a look, “Its behind the sofa Amelia..”. “Oh,..,can I use your shower? I would really use one right now..” I laughed. “Can I join in?” he said back with a foxy smile on his face. “Didn´t you have  enough Horan?” I answered, even though I know I want him anytime. “I will never have enough you, love”. I grabbed my shirt, came to him, took him by his neck and kissed him. “I need to have a shower, alone, but next time, you´ll be there, I promise!” I gave him a last kiss on his cheek and disappeared in the bathroom.

                      When I finished my shower, I took my shirt on, I opened the bathroom door just in this shirt and my panties not realising that 6 more eyes are looking at me. Louis, Harry and Zayn are sitting at the table eating pancakes. “Good morning Amelia, since you´re just in your panties I assume it really was a good morning, was it?” Harry laughed and sip a grape juice. God, this is embarrassing. I am trying to hide myself with my bare hands but it´s still not working, I still feel embarrassed. “Haha, sorry guys, I didn´t know you were here..” I tried to save myself from this awkward situation. “Here babe!”Niall gave me his shorts. I immediately grab them and put them on. I took a pancake and sit with them at the table.  They were talking about some things I didn´t really understand. “Alright, but I still think we should tell them, I mean, John is pissed anyway...” said Zayn and as soon as he realised I am staring at him, he winked at me. I smiled at him and took a bite of my pancake. “Should I ask or...” I said and looked at Niall. “It´s nothing really, it would just distract you Am..” he smiled and kept going in that conversation. “What? No, it wouldn´t, its not a secret is it?” Louis cut Niall off. “There are some things we don´t like about management, it´s nothing serious but still...” he gave me a smile. “Oh, I see, nothing for me than..” I sipped a coffee. “Don´t bother yourself Amelia, I am sure you have more problems which need to be solved” said Harry and look around, like he was looking for something. He is right, he don´t know how much he´s right. “For God sake Harry, bananas are on the table, there!” Niall pointed at bananas and laughed. “Seriously man, what´s wrong with you and bananas?” Louis asked and giggled. Harry stood up from his chair, grabbed a banana and sit back with us. “I don´t know, I just like them, they are... tasty, I guess..” said Hary and started to eat his banana. He is so cute and innocent, just like a little baby.

                  When guys left I started to looking for my stuff. “You really need to go?” I felt someone´s hand on my waist. “Yes, I do, even though it tears my heart Niall..” I said frankly. “So just don´t...” he declared. “You know I have to.., please, don´t do this to me, besides, we are going to meet later at evening..” I said but he cut me off. “It´s not about today, it´s about Leeds, Amelia”. I know what he means, I don´t want to leave him either but I don´t have any other option, I need to finish my studies in Leeds. “It´s not fair Niall, you know I need to, I told you...” he cut me off again, “ I know what you said, but I am asking you to stay here, you can finish everything you need in Leeds, but then, I am asking you to stay, here in London,... with me...”. His look changed from a man to a little boy. I turned myself to him, took his hands and looked straight into his eyes, “As soon as I receive my diploma, I am buying a ticket to London, you will have me here in that very day, understand Niall?” I said with a little tear in my eye. “Promise?” he asked and I replied, “Promise!”. He smiled, gave me a kiss and victoriously sat on the couch. “And Amelia? You´re not buying any ticket, I´ve already took care about it.” he said. “What, why? I need to have a ticket Niall, I am not going to ride a pony the whole road to London” I didn´t get it that time. “I know you´re not going to ride a pony, you´re going by our plane, besides I don´t think pony would carried your suitcases, he would probably gave it up as soon as you hit the road.” He joked and laughed at my grin I just gave him. “You can´t let me go by your plane Niall!” I shook my head. “Of course I can, I will!” he winked at me and started to read a newspaper. That little bastard...


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