If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


9. Move like you want.

Doroth´s POV:

Today was an amazing day. I´ve got A from my English exam, I got a job at Vouge, I am going to be only a part-time photographer on rare occasions, but it counts! I am so excited for my new red converse, and I just couldn´t resist, I had to buy that OBEY cap and shirt. Maybe I am spending much more money than I should, but, what the hell, grandpa is sending me about 800 pounds a month. Since mum and dad died in car accident he is trying to be careful and thoughtful when it comes to me and my money. I am not a mardy bum or something, I really am grateful to him for everything he has done for me. We are not spending much time together, maybe cause he is not currently living in London and maybe because I can´t stand his new wife, which I literally hate, especially her fake tits.

I am sitting at the table, drinking Pepsi and reading a magazine:

“Hot stud Zayn Malik, single or taken? Apparently he is not dating anyone according to what he said last week: “Well, I am happy by myself, and no, I am not in love” , we are so happy for....”

I didn´t read the article till the end, I was so sick from the beginning. I am happy that me and Zayn know what we want and we set up our boundaries. It´s mostly about sex, at least from my point of view, I hope he feels it in the same way. He is an awesome guy, I mean, I know him for 3 years now- We were friends from the start. I love his liberty, his sense of humour, intelligence,..., I mean there are lots of things  I love about him....

So it didn´t surprise me his reaction about not being in love. I don´t expect him to be. I like things not complicated...I´ve always have.

Eleanor called me this morning, she wants us to have a little girls night. I am so excited, we can drink girly drinks and laugh out loud. I love girls, they are my everything, they´ve been there for me since I was in pretty shits. I am not saying it stops. I am not saying I am okay now, I am not, I don´t think I´ll ever be.

It is loud in the club, I can´t believe that guys showed up. Oh God, Zayn is wearing his OBEY shirt so as me. I adore how he looks in white shirts, he can´t get more cuter. I am not going to lie, I am little bit drunk, and it doesn´t stop me from kissing him, kissing his soft lips and touching his strong arms while he holds me, makes me weak in my knees. I want him, I want him in all his beauty. We were kissing at our booth when Amelia and Niall showed up. They look a bit cute together, I would like Niall to has somebody as Freya was . She was a lovely girl I feel really bad thinking of her, she didn´t deserve what had happened to her. Nobody does. I feel so sorry for Niall..., seeing him like that, when that happened was terrible, he is my friend and there was nothing I could do for him, to make it better. It´s nice to see him smiling, he might seem he smiles a lot, but out of the public, he doesn´t do that very often. Anyway, we are about to go outside, smoke a bit.

Zayn stole Jules the box of cigarettes and I am having a really good time, we all are a bit drunk so everything is more funny than usual. I was a little cold so Zayn gave me his leather jacket which I adore, he looks so sexy in it. But tonight, Zayn has been acting really weird. I am not sure what he is up to, I can´t even tell what´s going in his head right now. His eyes makes me so confused sometimes. When Harry came up with this idea, going to another party of his pal, we all agreed. Not only because we love free booze, but also we love hanging with each other. We always have a good time, maybe someone can think about us not being friends, but after all we came through, we hit our bottoms together, we fighted together, we made love and broke up and then made love again. Our friendship is more strong than it might seems. In the end of the day, It will be us, sitting on the front porch, drinking tee. Harry playing Kazoo, Niall and Zayn laughing on their own jokes, Jules and me playing bingo, Eleanor,Gemma and Daniele doing sandwiches, while Louis, Liam and Ben are eating them without girls looking. And when I look at Amelia, I might see her opening the gate, with a plate full of pink cupcakes holding in her hand.

Everything seemed fine in a cab, but when I looked at Zayn, he wasn´t smiling us usual. He just sit without blinking. Something is wrong. I can feel it. As we walked from the cab, I took Zayn by his hand, tried to make him feel better but he didn´t let me, he didn´t even look at me. I can´t stand it anymore! I can´t stand him looks like a hurt puppy. What´s wrong with him, I just don´t get it. When we got to the apartment he took a bottle of beer and went next to the window. I came for him. “What´s wrong with you tonight?” I asked. “Nothing, what should be? Why do you even care?” he said angrily. “ Of course I care Zayn! You´re my friend, I want to know what happened” I said and Zayn just continued: “Suddenly you´re my friend? Wait I am not sure we can talk now, I mean isn´t it against your rules? I mean yeah, we fuck on Mondays and Tuesday, we can go for lunch at Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, Saturdays are also dedicated to fucking, well stop wait, I think you´re free at Sunday, aren´t you?” he said while pouring the beer all over the floor.”Why are you being such a dick? I didn´t do anything wrong!” I said in anger. “ I am being a dick? Well, okay, I am being a dick...., how can you,..., I´ve been here for you all this fucking time, and you have me for dick?, I can´t deal with this anymore..” he said while a small tear coming from his eye. “...., I can´t believe you´re doing this, we said we won´t be like others! I thought we both wanted things simple!” I sobbed. But Zayn put a bottle on the table and said: “You´re wrong Dor, only you wanted this!”. Then he left, he left me all alone. He just grabbed his jacket and left.

I don´t know what to do. What did I do wrong? I don´t want to be that careless one. I like him a lot, maybe more, but I can´t let myself fall in love again, it´s really painful. Feelings sucks. Especially when you love someone.

I am standing just like he left me here. No move. Nothing.

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