If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


21. Let´s go crazy!

            It has been a day and a half since we got here. Sun is shining, even though this rainy morning. “Sooo, what today kids?” Eleanor came to us and folded her hands. “What about we go down to lake?” she added and put her hands around Louis. Jules and Harry looked at each other and started to laugh. “I am not sure it´s a good idea, cause Hazz and Jules spent the night there” said Niall with his mouth full of burgers. “That´s not t-t... okay, it is true but, we can still go there!” said Julia all laughing. “Yes, please, the water is great, I bet it´s amazing there” said Eleanor, while jumping like a little girl. “Alright, alright, let´s go there” Harry grinned. “Amaziiing, okay everybody, you´ve got a few minutes, take what you need and we meet outside the Liam´s tent, you get me?“ said El clapping her hands. “I love when you´re bossy” Lou kissed Eleanor´s cheek, me and Niall went to our tent to grab some things.

           When we finally met in front of Liam´s tent, I saw Dorothy and Jules, coming forward to me and Niall, they were both wearing huge hats and long dresses. “You look incredible girls!” I said in amazement. “Thank you Am!” said Jules and Dorothy added: “You´re so sweet Amelia!” and then they both kissed my cheeks. I don´t get it, why is every London girl dressing like a goddess? It´s so unfair. I thought and looked at them again. We were waiting for others when Daniele came to us. “Sorry guys, but me and Liam decided not to go, we stay here, but you have fun!” and she went through her curly hair. “Whhy?! Okay, I get why, stay decent then!” she laughed and hugged Daniele. “Okay the rest, are you ready?” asked El. I swear she was counting us like a kinder-garden teacher. Zayn and Niall burst in laugh. “Hey El! I hope you have a whistle as well!” said Zayn. “Really funny Malik..!” Eleanor grinned and smiled, “Shall we?” she added and pointed at the road.

              It was about 5 minutes since we hit the road but we all were really tired. It´s really hot today, my legs hurt. “What about a race?” said Niall when he looked at me. “What do you mean, man?” Zayn asked. “Look,” said Niall, grabbed me and put me on his shoulders. “Yeaah!” I screamed. “Louis, common!” said El and touched his hands. All girls were sitting on boys shoulders. It was so fun. “Alright, I am counting,  three, two, one..... GO!” I screamed and boys started to run with us on their shoulders. We were all laughing, me and Niall were first when Harry with Jules overran us. “Zaaaaaan, hurry upp!” screamed Dor behind us. “Loooove, I´ve lost my haat, hahaha” said Eleanor with one hand on her head and one on Louis´s neck. “It doesn´t matter El! We need to win this!” screamed Louis back. “Yes! OH yeah! In your face bitcheeeees!” said Harry and put Jules on the grass. Then they gave themselves a high-five. “We want to thank everyone, who supported us the whole time, it means a lot guys!” said Julia with a stick in his hand, pretending it´s some kind of an award. “You´re sick Jules!” said Dor and tickled her. “Alright, alright, stop stop!” Jules was screaming and laughing at the same time. When I looked forward, I saw the most beautiful place ever. Everything around us was green, the trees, the grass, everything. “This looks like heaven” I whispered to Niall´s ear. Then he grabbed my hand and we came closer to water. He took a little rock, played with it a little and then threw it in the water. I came to him and put my hands around his neck. He turned around. “I forgot to tell you today, that I love you Am” he whispered into my ear. “I love you Niall Horan” I said back when El came to us. “Guys, guys, sorry I interrupt but we have this plan, throwing Louis into the water, I wanna know if you´re in!” said Eleanor and giggled. “Of course El!” said Niall back and she told us the plan.

             Me and Jules were sitting on the mole, Louis was sleeping on the grass. Dor was sitting right next to him. She was supposed to tell the boys whether he is awake or not. She waved at Zayn, Harry and Niall. Boys came to him, gently lifted him above the grass and took him along the mole. Harry and Niall were holding his head and shoulders and Zayn his feet. “He is so heavy!” Zayn giggled quietly. “Shhhhh! You wake him up!” said El and laughed. “On three! One, two, three!” said Jules and boys throw him in the water. We were laughing so hard, Louis looked like a wet cat or something, he shook himself and laughed as well. “You dicks!” he shouted. “How could you! Eleanor! You were supposed to tell them it´s a bad idea!”. “It was her idea, actually” said Dorothy. “Sorry love” El smirked and blew a kiss to him. I was a bit sorry for Lou so I jumped into the water as well. “You´re crazyyy!” screamed Dorothy. “No I am not, lets go everybody, the water is great right Lou?” I shouted and looked at Louis. “Am is right come on guys!” he sank himself and swam to the waterfall. “Well, I better stay out of the water and smoke a cig!” said Zayn a bit sad and took a box of cigarettes outside of his pocket. “Well, me too!” Dorothy looked at Zayn and he gave her a kiss. “Alright then, when I say jump, we jump, okay?” asked El all happy. “Right!” said Harry and took of his watches. “JUUUUUUMP” El screamed madly. They four jumped into the water. “Oh God!” said Niall already in the lake. “What´s wrong bro?” asked Harry. “I forgot to pick out my phone from the pocket..” said Niall and we all started to laugh. “You´re sick man!” Harry screamed. Niall put his hand in his pocket and throw his phone on the grass. “I think you´re about to buy a new phone then!” I said and kissed his cheek. “I guess so..” he laughed. Harry and Jules were already under the waterfall with Lou and El. “This is fun” I said and reached my hand to him, so we could swim together.

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