If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


6. Just normal breakfast.


              I am holding my phone and looking on the moon. Few day ago, I wouldn´t even expect, that something like this would happen. Yeah, Niall Horan has got my number, yeah I slept in Harry´s bed last night, yeah my brother is dating his sister. When I turned back at Nandos, I only saw Gemma. “Girls went home, well Jules went, Dorothy has something to arrange” said Gemma. We are walking through London´s street and I feel awesome.”Gem? What´s between Harry and Julia? What did he do to her?” I asked. “He cheated on her, few times” Gemma continued “I love him, his is my brother but he shouldn´t have done it. They were lovely together, I mean Jules and Harry, at first they were just hanging around, it was obvious Harry liked her for the first time he saw her. They had strange relationship back then, I could see it. They were together, and then they weren´t. When I realised what did Harry done, I was so pissed, I didn´t talk to him a month. When Jules realised, she was just, she was totally at the bottom. It was so terrible seeing my friend suffering so much.” Gemma stop talking for sec. I am not an idiot, I know who was dating Harry in the spring and fall. “Gem? Did he cheat on her with Taylor Swift?” I have never assume, I would say sentence like this. “Yeah, honey..., alright here we are, lets go inside, it so cold tonight” said Gemma and we both walked through the door.

              I can´t believe I was talking with Gemma about Harry and Taylor Swift. How could he ever cheat on Jules with that crazy freak. Now I got it, now I understand why was Jules so weird the other night, she still loves him, but not sure if she forgave him, it is obvious she doesn´t want him in her company, I think ,sooner or later, they will be together. And Dorothy? God she is so amazing! I love her already. She is so cold-headed and free and I just want to be like her. Her and Zayn are really into each other, at least what Gemma said, and the fact she don´t want to date Zayn Malik it´s just so funny. It seems like she could have anybody in this city. I don´t blame her, she is so beautiful, of course she can have  whoever she wants to. I looked on my phone and still see that message from Niall, I didn´t text him back. I probably should, but I don´t know what to say to him. Good night you too Niall Horan? Sorry for being so wasted last night? And btw I love you since I was 17? No I can´t tell him anything like that. You know what? Maybe it´s late but I can call him. What? I have Niall´s Horan number, now I can play by my own rules. I gasped a bit and dial his number. “Amelia? Hi” said with his cute irish accent. “Good night Niall”  I said back and hang up the phone.

                It is morning. Birds just woke me up, how poetic. I reached my phone and ensure myself that yesterday was real. It was, Niall´s text made my morning even better. I decided to go to kitchen, grab some food, Ben has got a lesson and Gemma as well, I might be alone in this apartment, finally! My feet reached the floor, and I opened the bedroom door. When I looked in the fridge to grab some milk I realised that two pairs of eyes are looking at me. I couldn´t believe, Louis and Eleanor were sitting on a sofa watching the telly. This look was very strange for me, since I can look at two of them only in a magazine and now they´re right in front of my eyes, cuddling.”Ehm, Hey? I didn´t know..., I just wanted a milk and...” I said, not believing my eyes. “Sorry Am, It´s just that paparazzi were everywhere and Ben called me, that we can stay at his and Gemma´s place, hope you don´t mind” said Louis. “What? Of course I don´t mind, stay as long as you want to” I immediately answered back, put milk in my cereals. I was on my way to room, when. “Amelia? Where are you going? Just stay with us, btw I am Eleanor, nice to meet you” she gave me this really nice look and reached for my hand.”Hi, I am Amelia, pleasure to meet you”. Omg I am shaking Eleanor´s hand. “Okay, I can stay, but, I don´t really want to bother you guys...”. “You won´t” said Eleanor and smiled at me. I sit on the sofa and watch cartoons with them. They really are a nice couple. I can´t believe, that Ben had never told me about his “normal” life in London.

                  “So, Amelia! I was just thinking, since you don´t know anyone from the city except your brother and Gemma,... Me and girls are going out tonight. You know, Dorothy, Jules, Gemma and me, you want to come? It will be fun, just us girls, and you can tell us some dirty secrets about Ben, haha” said Eleanor and touched Louis´s hand. “Sure, of course” I said with full mouth of cereals. “Great! See you later then! I give you my number, just call me whenever you need something, okay?” she said and gave me a nice smile.

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