If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


25. Just a lucky day.

                  Its Monday, which means I have 2 days till my flight, which means I have Niall just for 2 days, which means I am screwed. Dad called yesterday, everything is fine at home. If is everything fine, why do I feel like a shit? I am lying in my bed, its about 5 in the morning. Ben and Gemma are probably sleeping, Niall is probably sleeping. I feel like I am spending too much time with thinking how things are going to be when I leave. What if we get separated, and I get back, nothing will be the same, what if his feelings for me just disappear? For God sake, not having a boyfriend is so much easier. I´ve never had a proper boyfriend, nobody has ever wanted me, I guess I wasn´t a girlfriend material. I´ve always hang out with my mates Victoria and Laura, I don´t think I needed some boy in my life back then, it is sad, but even though I cried so many times, I was satisfied with my life. While I am thinking about my poor life my phone beeped.

„Good morning Am, I can´t sleep, I am looking at the ceiling and thinking about you, I hope I did´t wake you up, I just need you to know that I love you. N.“

I am holding my phone and staring at it at least for 5 minutes, I can´t believe he is awake. I don´t want to text him back, it´s not enough, I need to see him. Alright its 5:32, morning train leaves in about 10 minutes, If I hurry up, I can catch it. I put my jeans a shirt on, grabbed my green jacket and left the apartment. Alright, I didn´t miss it, I am standing in a train, some tired bussinesman on my left sight and when I looked at my right, I couldn´t believe it. Nick Grimshaw from BBC was standing right next to me. I love him he is my favourite BBC host ever, I love his show. He seems tired but hot at the same time, his hair are just amazing. Ok, he is here. What now, I am too shy to approach him. So I am just trying to look at him as much as possible without him noticed. But suddenly, „Good morning, sorry for interrupting, but I was just wondering if you have a chewing gum?“ he said and looked right at me. „Hello, s-s-sure, just let me, look into my bag, I should have some with a strawberry flavour, ooh, here it is, here you are..“ I said while looking into my bag, I reached my hand and give it to him, I can´t believe Grimmy was asking for a chewing gum. „Thank you, you´re so sweet, you actually saved my life, I am about to go to work, and I realised I don´t have one, by the way strawberry is my favourite flavour“ he said thank you  and put a gum into his mouth. „Oh, that was nothing, I am glad I helped“ I said back and smiled at him. „Is there anything I can do for you, to return the favour?“ he asked with a grin on his face. I was thinking about what he just said, and honestly, I don´t think I need anything from him. „No, really, I don´t think you could do something for me, you´re not Harry Potter, haha“ why did I said that? It´s not even funny.

              „ You´re right I am not Potter but…“ then my phone started to ring, Niall´s pic appeared on my screen. I tried to cover it but then Nick asked me. „Is that Niall Horan from One Direction?“ he laughed and his voice was getting louder with every word. „Y-Yes, he is, but I can´t pick it up, I am about to surprise him in his aparment, i-its complicated…“I said back little embarresed. I can´t believe I am talking about Niall with Nick Grimshaw. „I see! What a coincidence, I would never expect talking to Niall´s girl in a subway, haha“ he was still laughing and chewing from time to time. „Well its my stop so, I think I should go… ehm, it was nice meeting you…“I started and then he cut me off, „Grimmy, I am Grimmy..“ he shoke my hand. „Grimmy,…“ I finished where I´ve started and continued, „I am Amelia, it was nice to meet you too, I hope you´ll play some great songs this morning“ I smiled at him and left the train. I can see Grimmy standing behing those subway doors smiling at me. He is so cute, much more in person! I can´t believe I saw Nick Grimshaw. When I shoke myself from what just happened I realised I need to see Niall. I am standing outside Niall´s apartment, the door man knows me, his name is Patrick, he is a really good guy, I just smiled and waved at him, he gave me a polite smile back and I headed to Niall´s. I dialed Niall´s number…“Open the door.“ I said and hang up. The door opened and there he was, in his grey hoodie, blond messy hair and sleepy face. I kissed him and whispered into his ear „Surprise love.“, he took my hand and grabbed me inside. „What?? I can´t believe you´re here! How did you get there?“ he was so excited which made him even much cuter. „I took the train, it doesn´t mater, I needed to see you, and..“ I didn´t even finish my sentence when Niall cut me off with a long kiss. „I love you Amelia“ he said and kissed my cheek. I can see he is lost as much as I am. And here we are, standing In Niall´s living room, waitng who is going to start first. Alright… I think I am going to explode. „I am afraid you won´t feel the same when I´ll get back from Leeds“ ok, here it is, I said it. „What? Are you crazy? How can you say something like that? You know it´s not true Amelia, I will love you as much as I love you now, even more! We can make this work, I promise.“ He said, pulled me closer and kissed my forhead. Oh how much I love how he smell in the morning, like a pancake with nutella. His hugs are really helping me getting through this. „Okay,..“ I said and looked at the ground, pulling sleeves on my jacket. He took my hand and we went to his room, suddenly mine and Niall´s phones beeped. We both looked at them, it was twitter.

Nick Grimshaw: @grimmers „Just met a lovely girl named @AmeliaLeed, thank you for your help sweetie, oh and @NiallOfficial? She´s a keeper pal!„

„What is Grimmy talking about Am?“ Niall shoke his hand and looked at me. „We´ve met in the subway on my way to you, he is a really nice guy, he was asking if i could gave him a chewing gum, and I did, I-I cant believe how did he get my twitter, anyway, it was fun..“ I answered completely causal, Niall was just staring at his phone, then at me and then back at his phone. „This morning is just unbelievable…“ said Niall and took my hand.


it´s an old chapter but I forgot to post it here. Sorry for that :)

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