If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


26. if we could only turn back time.



It has been long long 5 months without Niall. I moved back home and left Niall in London. Well basically he was traveling all around the world with the boys. It´s hard to let things how they used to be when we are in two different places. First 5 weeks I was flying to London every weekend, then things got more complicated, he needed to work, so as I had to study. I haven´t see him for almost a half a year. We skype as musch as possible, but I don’t think it´s enough. My final exams are over, I am done, no uni. Yaaay, not much excitement in my words, partly because I am going to miss school, and party because I need to get a job in my major. My student loan is not going to pay by itself. I called Ben to find me something in London, because I don’t want to bother Niall, and I wanted to be a surprise for him. I hope it´s not going to be hard for me to find something, my main major was film production, my dad always told me I should be a doctor, but I am sorry dad, I am not going to be your dentist.


June 26

“Heeey sis, good morning, listen, are you awake?”, a well known voice spoke to me by my phone.

“Well, now I am thanks to you, what is it, why are you calling me so early?”,

“I just wanted to tell you that Gem got you a job, that’s all, but hey, it´s nothing so…”,

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?”, I cant belive it, I cant believe it! I am going to London, and I am going to have a proper adult job there!

“You heard me, so wake up, get up from your bed, pack your stuff, I booked your flight, you´re leaving in 3 hours”, I cant believe how calm he is.

“God bless you Ben, the best brother. I need to tell dad the news, well see you in a 4 hours Benito! Byeee!”, I throw my phone away on the bunch of blankets in my bed and went downstairs to see my dad. Jesus, fuck! I didn´t even ask what job it is, very professional Amelia, very professional.


“But Amalia, take care, please, and look after your brother, you know how he is..”, I can see a tear drop on dad´s face.

“Sure I´ll do, okay, I need to go, I´ll call you as soon as we land, love you daddy, I am going to miss you!”, I said kissed him on a cheek and closed the door.

I am in a train to the airport, headphones in my ears, thinking of Niall, how a big surprise it will be. I should call him, just casually.

“Hey”, I said and smiled like an idiot.

“Oh heey love, how are you today?”, he said and his voice shook a little.

“I am alright! Siting at home, reading some books, soo what are you up to today?”,

“Well, not much, I think Zayn wants to go to the studio, so I think I´ll make him a company, what about you, when do you come to see me Am?”,

“Soon, hey, listen I need to go ehm, to my dad he needs help, I am going to call you as soon as possible is that alright?”,

“Anytime, bye!”, he said and hang up the phone.

It´s funny how he has no idea what is going on, I hope Ben or Gemma didn´t told him, or anyone. Nah, Ben gives a crap about my personal life and I now Gem, she wouldn´t told anyone.


Finally, London, oh how I´ve missed you my sweet sweet love.

“Ben? I am here, I am going to take a bus to your place, I hope you´re waiting for me”, I picked up my phone and called Ben.

“Amelia? Hello my dear, Ben is in the bathroom, of course we are waiting for you, just take care alright?”, I like Gem´s voice, so calming.

“Don´t worry!”.


So here I am, in front of the door which used to be my front door for such a long time. I am about to ring the bell when suddenly the door opens.

“Amelia! Finally, I am so glad to see you, I´ve missed you so much, you look great, so grown up and everything, oh come here!”, Gemma appeared in front of the door hugging me.

“I´ve missed a girl in this household, Ben isn´t a delightful roommate I would say”,

“I am so glad to be here! I´ve missed you all so much, I am so excited to surprise Niall today”, I said excitedly when Ben´s hands appeared on Gem´s shoulders.

“Hello little sister, welcome to London, the city of a gr….”, I only see him for 10 seconds and I am annoyed.

“Alright alright, I am going to sit down for a bit and you Gem, you can tell me something about the job you found me”, I sit on a sofa and waited for the the details.

“Well, it´s a perfect job for a start, my friend Tom has a producer´s company, they are looking for young, creative people for their teams, long story short, you are going to make video clips for artist of all kinds.”

What the.. . That´s amazing, it is such a great opportunity for me. It really is.

“That sounds incredible! I am so grateful Gem, thank you so so much, you´re the best!”, I hugged her and started to dance all over the living room.

“I know, right!”, she winked at Ben and kissed his cheek.


It´s about 9 p.m.

I took incredibly long shower, put my best clothes on, by the best clothes I mean my jeans, plain shirt and some black converse on. I am about to see Niall, I am really nervous, I haven´t see him for so long, even though we kept in touch, I still don’t know how things are between us. If has something changed or not. I asked Gem the address of their new studio, she gladly gave it to me, and now I am sitting in a cab to take me there.

Alright, here it is, here I am. I ring the bell but no one came to open the door for me, it seems like nobody is here, mabe I should just… . Okay, the door wasn’t locked at all. Point for Amelia. I am walking through the corridor, walls full of framed albums. I said a silent “hello” when I entered but no one said anything back. Oh there is a lighted room, I hope it´s Niall and Zayn, I don’t want to be arrested for unauthorized access to a building.


It is Niall, just not with Zayn.



Sorry I didn´t post any new chapters, I hope I´ll find some time for the next chapters:)

I hope you like it.

Take care readers.

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