If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


3. I am not sure if I can handle this.


                 Its about 9 p.m and I am lying in my new bed, Gemma prepareed the whole room for me, she is such a sweetheart. I really want to know and need to know about her and Harry. I mean I really do like One Direction, I find them really hot actually, and if Ben dates Gemma, I could have a chance to meet them! My stream of toughts interrupted loud knock on the door. ´´Hey Amelia, hope you´re not sleeping yet!´´ she is sitting on the bed and looking on my Ipod, ,,Do you like One Direction? Because KISS YOU is my fave song too´´ she gave me that cheecky smile and continued ,, Me and Ben are going to city about an hour, wanna go with us?´´. I am just staring at her with amazement. Then some words came from me: ,, Well I don´t know, I mean, I want to but, I don´t want to be in the way, I mean, I am sure you and Ben want to have some time just on your own...´´. Gemma just laughed ´´Honey we are going to this club, and we are certainly not going to be alone, boys are coming too!´´. This is it, I am about to ask,´´What boys?´´ I wanted to sound casual. ´´Oh, wait I don´t know if Ben told you, but Harry is my brother, Harry from that band? The band which you have been listening to, One Direction´´. FUCK! This is. This is amazing, AMELIA, AMELIA, AMELIA JUST CALM DOWN! My eyes sparkled and I am sure Gemma noticed. ´´Ehm, sure, One Direction, they are cool, I mean, I know some songs, a few to be correct´´. Gemma just laughed ´´ Okay then! Just prepare yourself, some of them might be in the club, oh what it´s so late! I need to take a shower´´ she just stood out of bed and looked at her watches, ´´We are living at 11! Don´t be late honey´´, she shut the door and I started to scream. Okay Amelia, get yourself together and take a shower you really do smell horrible and do something with your hair. I really do look terrible, my blond hair is a mess. I can´t believe anything what happened today. It is just unbelievable.

             Okay, it is about 10:50 and I am ready. I put my short black dress, black vans, and Gemma made my hair. That pony tail look really great. I took my jean jacket and I was ready to go. I was ready to party with London for the first time. I am waiting on the couch and watching MTV. Heey, it is One Way Or Another what´s playing and I am singing really loud. Gemma opened their bedroom door and I didn´t really noticed that she and Ben are staring at me. ´´Ehm Amelia? Why are you still embarrassing yourself with your singing?´´ Ben gave me a look and Gemma burst in laugh. ´´Leave her Ben! She was just having a good time listening....´´ she looked on the screen and realise it´s 1D playing, ´´Ow that! I think you have a long night ahead of you Amelia!´´ she smiled and turn off the TV, ´´it is time to go, ready?´´ she asked and I nodded.

             We are standing outside this club, and it seems really crowded.´´I don’t know Gemma.., it seems we might not get in´´ she and Ben just laughed. ´´Don´t worry Am, I think we will´´ she smirked and took Ben by his hand. Five minutes later, Gemma and Ben are laughing and joking with this really huge guy wearing ´´staff´´ shirt. Alright we did get in, Gemma is an angel, I am so glad Ben is with her. While we are walking through this large club full of people dancing, Gemma is waving at 2 really good dressed girls. ´´Honey? It is Jack and Phillipe at the bar, I might disappear for second or two´´ Ben said and kissed Gemma on one cheek. ´´He does this all the time´´ she just smiled at me and took my hand so I couldn´t get lost, like she knew I am very easy to get lost. Suddenly, we stopped walking and sit at the table. There are that two girls, who was Gemma waving at. ´´Well Amelia, this is Dorothy, she is a student at UCL like Ben, and this is Julia she is my really good friend from...,´´ then she stopped talking cause some curly dark-haired boy interrupted her. He kissed Julia on the cheek and sit next to her. I can´t believe my eyes, Harry Styles is sitting at the table, with me! ´´Good evening too Harold!´´ Gemma said ironically. Julia rescued herself from Harry´s strong hug and shook my hand, ,,Hey Amelia! Nice to meet you´´ she smiled at me. Her big Rolex watches blinded me for sec. ´´Hi Julia, nice to meet you too´´.

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