If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


11. Ghosts that we knew.

            When I got home, I put the chicken in the oven and made smashed potatoes, just like my mum did. She was an excellent cook. I miss her everyday, at least some things remind me of her, like the chicken, it´s stupid, but it´s true. While waiting for my lunch, my sell beeped.

Look outside the window.  Niall

              As soon as I read it, I went to my window, and then I saw him. Grey jumper, blue jacket, black Ray-Ban, dark trousers and his black Vans. Oh my God, I could take a picture of him and send it to Elle, like right now. I put my jumper on and went to see him. He was leaning against his car with legs crossed, when he saw me, he pulled his hands out of his pocket. I was so freaking happy to see him, but I tried to see casual. “Hi, Amelia, you look beautiful today” he said and gave me a smile. “Hello, Mr. Horan, I would say the same, but the sun is shining so bright, so I can´t see you properly”, I really cannot see his face, because of the sun. Then he laughed and took off his sun glasses and put them on my face.”Thanks,  it is so much better now” I said and looked around. “Ehm, Ehm” he coughed. “Oh yeah, you look pretty amazing too” I said and smiled. He pulled me closer and kissed me, like really passionately.”Can I go inside?” he asked. I was little bit freaked out by this question, he could really see the mess in the apartment.”Yes, sure! Let´s go” I said, and while we were stepping the stairs, I put his sun glasses off and tried to gave him  them back. “No! You have to keep them, they look so much better on you!” Niall said. “Nobody looks better in them than you Niall” I winked. But I didn´t gave him them back, I really love them, and besides, at least I´ve got something what reminds me of him. When I opened the door, I saw the smoke. Everywhere. Then I realised, I left the chicken in the oven, and didn´t came to check it a really long time.” FUCK! “ I turned off and open the oven, put the chicken out and spilled a cold water on it. “ I knew it! I won´t be a cook like my mum, ever. How could I forget?!” I said while holding the chicken with kitchen gloves under the sink. “Relax, it´s nothing, Zayn left the cigarette in a kettle once, you should see that smoke!” he joked and turn off the water grabbed the chicken and threw it in a bin.

               “Pizza is a hero, I mean, it saves everybody” said Niall and bit off a large piece of cheesy pizza. “You´re right, it never let us down, under any circumstances, it´s always with us, anywhere and anytime” I said and a bit off a piece. “This is nice” said Niall. “Yeah, it is” I gave him a smile. “I almost forgot how awesome things might be” he took my hand. “It´s the pizza, telling it” I joked. “Maybe, but I haven´t felt this good a very long time Amelia, everything is so simple with you, I feel like a normal pal when I am with you, like nothing else matter when you´re around” he looked at me. “ I want things to stay like this, we could sit here for the rest of our lives. Just we and pizza” he said and grabbed another piece. “ Nobody, has ever told me something like you just did. Today was a hell for me, well that 15 minutes were, and when you texted me and I saw you standing outside, I thought, Amelia, this can´t be real, but then I came downstairs and we kissed, and that kiss was real, like you are, and that´s everything for me. Reality with you, is so much better then dream without you in it” as soon as I said him so, he stood from the kitchen chair and sit on the sofa. Like I said something inappropriate. “What? I said something I shouldn´t have?,I am sorry if ...” I said and sit on that sofa too. “No, what you said was, amazing, it´s just after everything, I am so afraid of loosing you, what if something goes wrong? Things in my life tends to fucking up. I don´t want it to be the same...” he clenched his fists. “It´s this why you´ve been so sad the other night in a cab?” I moved closer to him and sit right next to him.” Nothing  will go wrong, I promise” I took his hand and kissed him. We looked each other in the eyes and he kissed me back. I could see his eyes sparkling from the tears. We were kissing, but not like always, he tends to pull me away, when things start to be much more passionate. But this time he didn´t. He grabbed me and put me on his lap. He was sitting on a sofa and I was sitting on him. He laid his hands on my waist, pulling me closer. I was playing with his beautifully blond hair, then I took his jumper off, he was sitting on a sofa just in a blue shirt and he looked gorgeous. Things got little more serious, than any of us expected. He took me into my bedroom, laid me on the bed and when we was about to move to next level, he stopped. He let me lay on my bed, just in my tank top and jeans. With my hair all messed, I sit and touched my lips. “Why did you s..” I said but he interrupted me “We can´t do this now,..” he sit on the edge of the bed and grabbed his hair. “You don´t want..?” I asked worriedly. “No, No! It´s not like I don´t want to, believe me I want to, but just, it´s not the right time...” he looked around and smiled at me. “ You have no idea, what you´re do to me, Niall Horan!” I crawled on my four to the edge of the bed, kissed him on the neck and hugged him.

               Since nothing “outrageous” happened, we dressed up like normal people. It was about seven p.m. and the sun started to to sink behind the horizon, the whole apartment was like painted in red. I heard the keys, it was Ben. He just came from school, I didn´t see him for two day properly. “Hi kids! How are ya doing?” he came to the living room. “What´s up Niall?” he asked. “ How did you...”I didn´t continue, “Know that Niall is here? I saw his Vans on the floor”. “Hey buddy, I am excellent, you?” said Niall and gave Ben a hug. Then Ben opened the fridge and grabbed a juice. Weird, he is completely OK with the fact, that Niall is here. I mean he know I am 19 and I can do whatever I want to, I like this about him, I´ve always have. “So Niall, are you coming to Andy´s tonight? I´ve heard boys are planning to get wasted” asked Ben and sipped a juice. “Fuck! It´s tonight, I´ve totally forgot! Of course, I must be there!” Niall said surprised. I was a bit disappointed he didn´t mention me coming with him so I just stood there without a word. “ And btw Amelia, don´t make any plans for tonight, you´re coming as well!” Niall winked at me. Ben apparently noticed and laughed a little. “ God Amelia, find your own friends! These are mine!” Ben joked and did that face of an offended child. “ You can´t help my awesomeness Ben!” I said back. “That´s true Ben, but don´t worry, you´re always be my bro” said Niall and kissed Ben on a cheek. “You really  are a sweetheart Niall!” Ben continued “Just try to hold back tonight, I mean, I know how sexy I am, I don´t want any problems with Gemma and...” said Ben and put the glass in the sink. “Well, I am going to take a shower, you two have fun!” continued Ben, made a heart from his fingers and showed it to Niall while leaving the living room. When Ben slammed the doors, Niall looked at me and said: “So tonight Amelia”...”and please, don´t dress up too well, I don´t want to stop behave in front of everyone” he kissed me. “I´ll pick you up at nine! Goodbye my lady.” He said and left the apartment.

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