If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


13. Drop in the ocean, change in the weather.

                  “We need to hurry!” shouted Dorothy through the hall. I was running right behind her, trying to reach my phone and call Niall, where he and boys are. “He´s not picking it up!” I said and tried to reach his phone again.” Zayn got me right into a voicemail, prick!”said Dorothy and opened the door to Andy´s apartment. The party was still going, no one even noticed, what has happened twenty minutes ago outside the apartment. “Andy? Hey, how is it going? Ehmm, didn´t you see Zayn? He, Harry and Niall should be here, somewhere...” Dorothy asked Andy, while he was sipping his drink, I could hear the fear in her voice, she was trying to not to cry, but one tear was coming through her cheek. She wiped it out and gave Andy really fake smile. “Yeah, Niall came to me and asked me, if he could use my guest room, I thought he needed some for him and Amelia, haha” said Andy jokingly. “Thanks Andy, see ya..” said Dorothy, grabbed my hand and we both run to the guest room. Dorothy reached for the handle and opened that door. Zayn was lying on the floor with his head leaning upon the bed. Niall was holdinh Zayn´s hand and Harry was stepping from one foot to another, biting his nails. “Zayn! Zayn!? Can u hear me?? It´s me Dor! Are you okay???....Is he okay??” said Dorothy with her eyes full of tears and look on Harry. “Yeah, he is, it´s just that dick hit him so much, he lost his consciousness, he should be alright, Damien, my friend, he is a medical student, I called him, he came and said, that we should let him sleep a little, since he drank so much tonight, he examined him and said his fine. Everything is going to be fine Dorothy, just please, stop freaking out!..” said Harry and sat on the bed. “But, it´s just, seeing him like this is a hell!, is there anything I could do for him? And, and, Shouldn´t we call the police, to find that fucking shit who did it to him?” asked Dorothy. “No way Dor! You can´t call the police!” said Niall and took my hand, “Niall is right, we hit him too, a few times..” said Harry and laughed a little. “Harry, don´t tell me you beat somebody up, again!” said Dorothy and caress Zayn´s hair. “Well, not just me! Niall kicked his arse too!” said Harry and high fived with Niall. “Really classy boys...” said Dorothy and smiled a little. I was just standing there, realising what happened. I didn´t know that boys like to fight. When I sat on the bed, next to Harry, Zayn started opening his eyes.

                 “Dorothy?” said Zayn slowly opening his eyes. “Zayn? Are you ok? Did something hurt? Can u see me? Can u hear me?” asked Dorothy worriedly. “Yes, of yourse I can hear you and see you, what happend? Did I fell asleep?” said Zayn and tried to stand up. “No, no, just stay like this..., well no, it´s just that fucker outside, he hit you into your head..”said Niall. “What? Shit, I hope nothing serious happened, did I fucked him up so hard, that he is lying on the pavement al least?” joked Zayn. “Not exactly mate, you faint, and we kinda beat him up for you instead..”said Harry. “Fuck, that means I am loser? I am always loosing, everything, everyone...” Zayn looked on the floor. “Well, since you woke up, we should go and leave you to alone, to sort out some stuff..” Niall and Harry stood out from bed and Niall grabbed my hand. “Be safe Zayn! Okay? No more fights, please..” I said to Zayn and shut the door.

                 “I should probably call Jules, I need to tell her what happened, she must be all worried” Harry continued “And bro? Thanks for everything” Harry hugged Niall. “And Amelia? Please be safe too, there is so much evil outside, you can´t even imagine, I am sure Niall will look after you but, ..”he hugged me too and kissed my hand. “Sure, Harry, Good night” I said to Harry and gave him a smile.

                 It´s just me and Niall in the hallway. We keep walking, and walking and I just , I am so tired and freaked out by all of this. Since I know him and boys, everything is in move, everything seems to be unstable and easily changed. When I looked at Niall, when he hit that guy, and that guy hit him back, I felt so useless and powerless, he or Harry could be dead in one second. I am not sure if I can handle this. “Amelia? Please say something,...,anything!” said Niall and disturbed our silence. “What can I say? That it was terrible looking at you being so angry? That it was terrible seeing you beating some random guy? You´re hands are all bloody....” I started to cry. “A-Are you scared of me?”he asked. “I am not scare of you, I am scared of the fact, that I might lose you...” I kept walking. We got outside and it was so dark, I was so afraid, that I grabbed Niall´s hand, even though I didn´t know what to do. “Amelia, you´re not losing me, or anything, it´s you, all the time it´s you, okay?” he stopped walking, pulled me closer and kissed me. We were standing on this dark street, all by our selves, at this moment, I wasn´t scare anymore, I got him and I am not going to give up on him.

Then he hold my hand, pulled out the car keys from his pocket and we sat in his car. He didn´t turn the engine on, I was a bit freaked out, by what was going on. Then he started: “It´s hard, it´s really hard, because, you keep saying me these things, and then I-I like you even more, but then I start think about,..., about what does this whole thing do to me. What if I can´t keep you safe? What if it is all going to happen again? Freaks like that guy tonight, they might be everywhere, they are everywhere, I can´t let something happen to you..” he looked me in the eyes. “What´s going on Niall? Like a minute ago, you told me I shouldn´t be worried, that you aren´t going anywhere...and now..”I said with my voice all shaking. “That´s the fact! I am not going to let you leave! But there are so many other things which my appear, other factors..”he said. “What other factors?” I asked. “Death” said Niall and if I wasn´t properly freaked out tonight, in this moment, I was.

                 “What do you mean, death?” I didn´t really get any of this. There was a complete silence in his car, I was just looking at Niall, waiting for words, coming from his mouth. “Ehm, a year ago, I had this girlfriend, her name was Freya, I really loved her, we spent every second together, we had known each other for long time, so we became best friends throughout this time....”his voice started to shake, “and one day I called her, she wasn´t picking it up, I-I assumed she is out with her friends or something, we  had a show that night so I couldn´t really know where she is. A-After the show I texted her, if we could meet, cause Jules was throwing up a birthday party for Hazz, and she still hadn´t texted me back. I gave up and went to the party just with Zayn and Liam, the party was just a few streets from the one we had a show at so we decided to take a walk..” I was looking at him, he was talking to me while staring at the front  car window, “and while we were walking, it was late at night and Zayn had heard some noise, I didn´t hear anything, but he insisted on finding out what that noise was, we had gone to some dark corner of the street and..there she was, my Freya, lying in a pool of b-b-lood..”then he started to cry. “Oh my God Niall, I had no idea, I-I...” I took his hand and I really didn´t know what to do, things he just said was so terrible and traumatic, there was no chance for me or Niall to calm down. “Some, fucking pervert raped her and stabbed her, how, how, how could someone do that? Tell me !!?? How!!” Niall started to act angrily and hit the driving wheel a five times. “We were in love, she was my everything, and then? Then some fucking wayward shit did that? To her??? To a girl, who didn´t hurt anyone, in her whole life?” he continued, “ I tend to lose things and people....”.


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