If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


14. Broken Crown.

              As soon as his finished his speech, I started to cry. I had no idea, something this bad happened to him, to Freya. Niall is pale, I can see right through him. His hands were pulling the driving wheel, veins on his hands were so visible, it was obvious he suffers. I didn´t know what to say, I was so shocked I could barely move. After I shook a bit, I took his hand and said: “Niall, I am so sorry, you can´t even imagine, how sorry I am, I need you to know, that...., I need you to know that I-I l-ove you... and I won´t something like that happened to you again! You understand? Never! “ a tear trickled down my cheek. Did I really tell him I love him? I am so shocked and tired and..., no I am not going to look for excuses. I just do, I love him, even if he don´t love me back, I´ve never said anyone I love you. In the moment I said it, Niall looked at me in the sparkle in his eyes “Did you just?..Did you just say you love me?”. “I-I don´t know, I suppose I did, I am sorry I didn´t think, I-I..” then he cut me off and kissed me. He kissed me so passionately, I could feel his love. Now I was sure about what I said to him. Now I know why I said it. “You have no idea, what did you subscribed for” he said but I could see he is hurt. Like I even worsen things between us, I mean, it was obvious he was happy when I said him I love him, but now, he seems more hurt then before.

               Then Niall put the engine on and drove me home. We were sitting in his black Range Rover in complete silence. “Can I come in?” he asked me and went through his hair with still bloody hand. “Yeah, sure” I answered with a surprise. We got into the apartment, Ben and Gemma weren´t there, they were probably still at the party, even though it was about 4 am. When I looked outside the window, I could see a beautiful sunrise. “Amelia? Can I use a bathroom please? I need a shower” he asked me. “Of course, towels are on the shelf, make yourself comfortable” I answered, but it was weird, he didn´t even looked at me while asking me that, it wasn´t that cheeky Niall I know. I sat on the couch and turn on the radio. All of a sudden I wasn´t tired anymore. Mumford & Sons –Broken Crown was playing. I was sitting on the couch, drinking green tea, and looking outside the window. It was such a nice view, everything was so calm, I liked it. When I turned around, there was Niall standing just in the towel wrapped around the lower part of his body. He looked incredible, I could even see a little grin on his face, like the water washed all of his worries. I was so sad that I just looked right back to the window. Wearing my old black hoodie, no jeans, just my panties, with my hair in a messy bun, sipping my tea. I was so careless, so mentally exhausted, I didn´t even care what I was wearing. He came and sat right next to me. Sun´s rays were reflected from his messy blond hair. “I know you´re upset, Amelia” he started. “Nobody could bear this. I am so emotionally depressed and so afraid of love. It´s just a constant fear of losing somebody, and when you told me that in the car..” he continued, grabbed a cup holding in my hands and put in on the table “when you told me you love me, I got that fear again. Because that means you are emotionally attached to me and it is such a big responsibility for me, I need to carry your heart in my pocket. And then I realised how brave you are for telling me how you feel, and I think I should be more like you”. He is all smiley and I can´t believe all this happened in less then ten minutes. “I love you Amelia” he said and bite his lip. I can´t believe he said it back. Now I get it why he is so afraid of loving. Because with love comes also the loss. I am so freaking happy, nothing is so gloomy anymore. Not when I am with him. I took him by his neck and kissed him. He smelled so good, like orange and blueberries, I know why I was buying that shower cream! Since he wasn´t wearing any shirt, I was touching his naked chest, slowly reaching for his hair. He leaned me against the wall and started unzipping my hoodie. “Wait, I am all smelly, I didn´t shower at least for ten hours” I said in an effort to breathe between his lovely kisses. “I got an idea, then” he grinned. “You are going to get a shower and I will wait for you in the bedroom” he said and zipped my hoodie back to my neck. “You are so smart Niall Horan! Deal!” I said, got free from his hug and run to the bathroom.

                   Alright Amelia, here it is. Just be cool. I said to myself after the shower. I went from bathroom just in a bathrobe. When my bare feet touched the wooden floor, I was looking at Ben and Gemma, standind in the kitchen. Niall was leaning against the wall and nervously going through his hair. “Here you are sis! I thought you ran off outside the bathroom window!” said Ben completely wasted. “Alright, alright Ben, let´s get you into your bedroom” said Gemma all laughing. “Have fun kids!” she continued and winked at Niall. When they shut the door, we both started to laugh. “They just came in and..” he lauhed but I interrupted him with a kiss. “As much as I want you right now, we can´t do that, when your older brother and Harry´s older sister are in the next room” he said looking directly into my eyes. “ I get it, so how about we stay in my room? Please I don´t want you to go, especially when you smell so good” I stroke his hair. There was anything more to say, he took my hand and we went to my room. He lay down on the bed, me right next to him. The sun was already up, but we didn´t mind. We fell asleep anyway.

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