If we could only have this life for one more day.

Amelia is a 19 year old girl, spending two months at her brother Ben in London. She wants to live the fullest and hopes she can make it in London. As soon as she realise that her brother is dating Gemma, Harry´s sister, things are going to change.


8. Breath me.

             While sitting at the bar with Niall Horan, I didn´t even realise what time is it. We were talking for two hours and drink approximately enough beer to laugh on every stupidity. He is really easy going, I mean I can literally talk to him about anything. “Ehm, don´t you want to come outside? Breath some fresh a bit,...” he asked. “Yes, sure, just let me grab my jacket, I left it at the girls table”. “ Well, I can go with you, I am little bit worried you might get lost in here!” he said with this really cute voice. How he can possibly know how much afraid of crowds I am. “Of course, let´s go!” I gave him a smile. When we got to Gemma´s table, the only people sitting there were Dorothy and Zayn licking each other faces. “ Ow, slow down mate! Keep going and you´ll suck a life from her! Haha” joked Niall. I was trying to get my jacket from Zayn´s lap when he turned at Niall and said: “You should do the same bro! Now, If you excuse us, we are going to get some fresh air, if you know what I mean” Zayn pointed at his box of cigarettes and grabbed Dorothy by her hand”.”Really classy Zayn! Ehm, we are going as well, see ya then!”, Nialled waved at them and we disappeared in the crowd.

              When we got outside, there was Julia leaning against the wall and Harry stepping from one food to another in front of her. She was holding a box of cigarettes, while she was smoking one cigarette after another, Zayn came to her and took the box, Dorothy was chasing after Zayn, cause she apparently want a cigarette as well. Me and Niall have sit on the handrail right next to each other. “Can u see them? That´s my everyday routine. Jules and Harry fighting with each other, Dorothy so knocked down by her life, that she doesn´t even now what she wants anymore and Zayn? Zayn is just completely in love with her, trying to pretend it´s not true, but I know him, I know he loves her” Niall gasped and look at the moon. “And you? Who are you everyday?” I asked. “Haha, tough question. Ehm, I am just a boy, completely lost in his life you know?” he answered and his beautiful eyes looked at me. We were sitting far enough so anyone couldn´t hear us. There was a silence for ten seconds when he started: “You, Amelia? You hasn´t told me anything about you yet, what´s Amelia´s day like?” he smiled at me. “Well, there is pretty much nothing to say, I am just an ordinary girl who thinks too much. I am looking at things, which other people can´t or don´t want to see...” he interrupted me “And..., What do you see in me if I may ask?” he gently touched his hair like he was being nervous. “ In you? I don´t know, you seem little different than them. You, lads and girls are really good friends and you just have a good time and when I look at you, when you´re around them, I don´t know,...it´s like you want something different from life.” I said and realise it´s Niall Horan who is listening my stupid deep philosophical thoughts. “So what I want?” he turned his head to me and waited for my answer. “ I am trying to figure it out...” then he grabbed my hand, look straight to my eyes, I could feel his breath against my mouth, but then Harry came to us. “We´ve decided to move to another party, it´s a bit boring in here, you coming?” Harry asked and I could see his cute dimples. “Sure, just let me call Gemma, I came with her and I just don´t want to...” Harry stopped me, “ I already called her, you´re going with us, she has gone to Ben´s anyway, soooo are you in, right?”. “Alright mate, we´re in” said Niall, looked at me for sec and nodded to Harry´s idea. “Laaads! Come oooon, they´re coming !” shouted Harry. “Wohooo!” said wasted Eleanor and grabbed Louis´s hand. Zayn put Dorothy on his back and we all went to another London party.


                    This was obviously a house party, some of Harry´s lad I guess. Niall left me sitting on a couch all by myself, so there was pretty much no one sober to talk to. I looked at Julia and Harry. They are apparently back together. She is all smiley, Harry is holding her knee and they seem really happy. Unlike Zayn and Dorothy, he is standing by the window and Dorothy is right behind him. They are talking really loudly, Dor is trying to smile but I can see, she can´t. “It´s just, you can´t get it Zayn,...... you wouldn´t understand and besides I thought we aren´t like others...., I can´t believe you´re doing this, we said we.....” that´s was just sentences I could hear.

                   I am sitting at the balcony and looking at the stars. It´s just like in a romantic movie. Boy finds a girl sitting outside, grabs her hand and kisses her under the night ski. Well yeah, I wish! Even not in my wildest dreams, I wouldn´t expect something like this happed to me, but when I heard the balcony doors sliding I turned my head and saw Niall, holding two bottles of beer. “ I was looking everywhere for you, why did you disappear?” he gave me a beer and sit in front of me. “It´s a beautiful night,  it is always beautiful like this in London?” I asked and sip a beer. “Well yeah, always when you sit on a balcony with me” he joked and put his beer on the floor. He grabbed my hand and led me towards  the balcony fence. “I am really happy that Ben has such a great sister, beautiful as well....” he gave me a compliment and I smiled back: “ I am happy because of my brother´s friends, especially that blonde one..”. He grabbed his hair and pushed me closer to him, and yeah, we pretty much continued where we started outside the club.


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