The world is empty. No life. None. The exception is 10 people. Who will survive?

For the sci-fi comp
BTW this is NOT finished!!!!! sorry just people keep saying "Where is the rest of it?" or "More please!" I HAVN'T FINISHED IT YET!!!!
sorry for shouting just trying to get a point acrros


1. fifty seconds (prolouge)



You are 10 years into the future. In a lab, about to make the most life changing discovery in the history of mankind. There is a countdown clock on the wall ticking down slowly to 0. 60…59…58…57. You are staring at the button. It’s so shiny you can see your face in it. You have been told not to press this button till the countdown gets to 0. But this button will save the whole of earth. Stop all diseases entering the galaxy. Eliminate all diseases. No one ever ill again. They die, yes. But they will never be in pain, never be in pain. “Why wait?” you think. Why wait till all pain is eliminated. Why wait? 55…54…53. On 50 you think, on 50 press the button.  52…51…50. “Now!” you think. You press the button.

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