You.... love me ??


2. ?


I woke up Saturday morning at 7 am  and hit the alarm so it shut . Ugh I have to go to school .I quickly jumped out of my comfy bed and headed to the bathroom .After I finished my cold bath, I wrapped my towel around my body and opened my closet .Mhmm what should i wear ? I finally decided to go with a black shorts since it's very hot outside , a blue top and a matching converse . I then dried my hair and curled it . And for the last touch ,I applied a little bit of make-up .But not too much just the necessary . Perfect ,I smiled as I looked at my reflection in the mirror . I checked the hour :7:30 I grabbed my books and cell phone and went downstairs.My parents were still sleeping ,so I quickly made a delicious sandwich and walked out of the house . I put on my headphones as I walked to  school. School wasn't far away from my my house so I was there in less than 5 minutes . There weren't much students there just like expected . I went to the principal office since I had no idea what to do . I knocked at the door ,and entered .

"Hello miss Abiguel .Right on time. Like we explained in the letter ,you are here today for your special tutorial .Let me explain to you how it goes. You are going to have a tutor and he will be teaching you math till you finally pass your exams .Is that clear ?"


"Good, now he is waiting for you in class 14. You may go now"

"Thank you "

I walked out of the office and went to class 14. "Please be a hot guy ,Please be a hot guy "I whispered while opening the door to the class .  OMG  !Now I didn't see that coming .

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