Hate Or Love

Vampires don't exist right? Wrong.all my life,i believed i was living wrong.I believed my life was pathetic and horrible.But one stupid night changed all my thoughts.I was kidnapped by someone i actually knew.I thought i knew him perfectly.I knew nothing.He was a nightmare i prayed would never come true.but what shocked me most was who saved me......



8. Paralyzed

Hate Or Love? Chapter 6 ( Aiden's POV ) " No! Your not taking her away from me! " I Hated this. All of it. The fact that my BESTFRIEND has instantly turned his back on me and has threatened to kill me. Emma tightened her grip on my shirt as she noticed Sophie getting closer and closer. " Come on Em, Its just next door. You'll see each other again " she whispered. Emma didn't move. Not even an inch, she just stayed quiet. I looked back at Daniel and noticed his eyes darkened and his hands are formed into a fist. Sophie looked straight into Emma's eyes and whispered " Come with me.. " as she reached out to grab Emma's hand. She repeatedly whispered those three words as Emma slowly entered her trance and took Sophie's hand. " No no no no what are you doing. Emma don't go " I looked towards Daniel and noticed That He was smirking at Sophie as they walked out the door. " What did you do?! " i Yelled, causing him to turn his attention back to me. Just looking at him was torture. I felt so much hatred towards him. I couldn't even stand to be looking at him. " WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER DANIEL!?! " I yelled, pushing him into the door behind him. As soon as it happened, i regretted it. I slowly saw his eyes turn into a deep shade of red, his face start to crack and his fangs come out of hiding. With all his strength, he pushed me back making me practically fly to the other side of the room and crash into the wall. I couldn't move. I felt like he had broke every bone in my body. I felt paralyze. I was laying on my back, watching Daniels every move. He started coming towards me. Oh no. " N-No Stop P-Please " i whispered. He was getting closer and closer to me. This was it. " Daniel! Come quick!! " His head turned towards the door in a quick motion at the sound of Sophie's voice. " You got lucky this time Aiden " He spoke and walked out the room, shutting the door behind him. I let out a breath that i didn't realize i was holding in. Thank you Sophie! ( Daniels POV ) I almost did it! I could've killed him right then and there and everything would've been better. I would have my Emma back but nooooo Sophie just had to scream at that exact moment. Ugh she always ruin my plans. She'll get her punishment sooner or later. But right now all I'm worry about is what was so important enough to save Aiden's life.
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