Hate Or Love

Vampires don't exist right? Wrong.all my life,i believed i was living wrong.I believed my life was pathetic and horrible.But one stupid night changed all my thoughts.I was kidnapped by someone i actually knew.I thought i knew him perfectly.I knew nothing.He was a nightmare i prayed would never come true.but what shocked me most was who saved me......



5. I wont let No One take You

Hate or love? Chapter 4 ( Aiden's POV ) I sat there, Completely confused. I dont understand what just happened. I dont know if i actually have feelings for Sophie or if it was a spell. I could hear someone crying. As if they were right next to me. I looked around the room until i saw it. In the left corner of the room, not to low but not to high, was a small Opening. Like something u would put mail through on houses. Enough to see through. I slowly walked over to the opening , looking through it. I Saw something. A girl. She was crying in the corner,hugging her knees. I couldnt see her face though. She had Wavy,brown hair with blonde highlights. Almost like Emma's. Emma. I missed her so much. I dont know how long I've been locked in this room.. but i do know i havent seen Emma for so long. I looked through the opening once more to see the girl, still in the same position but this time i could see her face. I must've been missing Emma way to much. I could've sworn that was her. Was it Emma?? I was about to say something when the door to her room busted open. I saw fear in her eyes as Daniel came towards her looking furious. ( Emma'S POV ) The Door flung open as Daniel came towards me looking Furious. He grabbed my wrist, pulling me up from the ground and dragging me towards the door. " Where are u taking me!?! " i Asked. He just chuckled lowly as he continued to pull me towards another room. He then opened the other door and pulled me inside along with him. Thats when i saw him. Sitting against the wall in the back of the room. The love of my life. He was here. The minute he looked up, we immediately made eye contact. " Aiden... " i whispered, on the verge of crying. He stood up and walked towards me slowly. " E-Emma? Is that really you " I looked at Daniell as he let go of his grip on my wrist. As soon as he let go i walked towards Aiden, him meeting me halfway. He placed his hand on my cheek,wiping away my tears. Soon a smile grew on my face,as he smiled to. " Come here.. " he whispered, pulling me into a hug. I could stay there forever. I felt safe in his arms. " I missed You...So much Em " He whispered in my ear. " I missed you to Aiden... You have no idea " (Aiden's POV ) Emma. She was here. In my arms. I could stay in this position forever. I looked over her shoulder to see Daniel, watching us with an smirk on his face. I could tell he was planing something. Sophie then walked in and her eyes immediately landed on me and Emma. She looked.. mad but also sad. I was so confused. When Emma turned around, her smile dissapeared and she looked terrified. " Emma... whats wrong " I asked,taking her hand in mine. " Ok times up. Come on Emma " Daniel said. No . " No! No your not taking her away from me! " I yelled, tugging Emma behind me, becoming her shield. " Now. We can do this the easy way or the hard way " Daniel said coming closer. I felt Emma grip my shirt from behind. I'm not letting them take her away from me. Not again. I'll protect her with everything i have. I'm not letting no one take her. NoOne....And Denfinately Not Daniel.
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