Hate Or Love

Vampires don't exist right? Wrong.all my life,i believed i was living wrong.I believed my life was pathetic and horrible.But one stupid night changed all my thoughts.I was kidnapped by someone i actually knew.I thought i knew him perfectly.I knew nothing.He was a nightmare i prayed would never come true.but what shocked me most was who saved me......



6. Hatred

Hate Or Love? Chapter 5 ( Daniel's POV ) I just watched in disgust as they hugged. I dont understand why on earth Emma would fall for Aiden. I mean what does Aiden have that I dont? I regret the day i introduced them. That day changed Everything. Before Aiden came eveything was Just Right. I was getting closer with Emma everyday and building up the courage to ask her out. I knew she liked me back. But when Aiden came Her feelings for me just went away. I was broken. I wanted her to love me. Not him. It was Horrible. I just couldnt stand to just sit here and watch them hug and smile at each other. " Ok Emma. Times up. " right as i said that Aiden immediately tugged Emma behind him,protecting her. " No! Your Not taking her away from me! " He yelled. " We can do this the easy way or the hard way " i said. He didnt move. Not even an inch. I noticed Emma holding onto his shirt from behind. Ok I've had enough. " Come on. We're going Emma whether You like it or not. " I said getting Annoyed. She didnt budge. Neither did Aiden. Ok find then. If they wanna play,we can play. ( Aiden's POV ) I'm not letting Daniel Take Emma away from me. Not again! I cant lose her. Who know's when I'll see her again?! This might be my last time and I'm not taking that risk. I'll give everything i have to save the love of my life from the dangers of these monsters. I could hear the sounds of Emma's quiet sobbing behind me. I grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze " Its Okay Emma... I'll protect You " i said quietly, letting her know she was safe. She nodded slowly, tightening her grip in my hand as Daniell walked closer to us. ( Emma's POV ) Daniell came closer to us. Its like everytime i blinked he was getting closer and closer. " Come on Em. Its time to go " Daniell said, trying to come around to me but Aiden wouldnt let him any closer to me. " Move out of the way Aiden. Im not gonna tell u twice" Daniell said once again but this time, getting more aggravated. I didnt want to go with Daniel,I wanted to stay with Aiden.But I don't wanna see Aiden get hurt. But Aiden wasn't moving. I could see Sophie in the corner of the room, just watching Aiden. Why was she watching him?? Next thing I knew Sophie had practically jumped off the wall, bolting towards me and Aiden. Suddenly, Everything went black..
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