Hate Or Love

Vampires don't exist right? Wrong.all my life,i believed i was living wrong.I believed my life was pathetic and horrible.But one stupid night changed all my thoughts.I was kidnapped by someone i actually knew.I thought i knew him perfectly.I knew nothing.He was a nightmare i prayed would never come true.but what shocked me most was who saved me......



4. Emma

Hate Or Love? Chapter 3
( Sophie's POV )
As i let the tear roll down my face he looked at me with sincere. He pulled me into a hug and thats when i knew it was working. This was the first time it actually worked. Every other prisoner somehow had enough strength to fight off the power of falling under my spell. Unless he was playing me. Anyways,i feel kinda guilty about this Emma girl. I found out he loves her. And i nearly killed the girl. Do i tell him or no?
( Emma's POV )
I quietly cried in the corner not knowing what else to do. I thought about every one and everything i ever loved. My mom,dad, brother. My best friend Mandy. My relatives. And Aiden. I love Aiden and it hurts knowing that i might die here and i didnt get to say goodbye. This woman.... i think her name is Sophie. Nearly KILLED ME. S-She left about ten minutes ago to the room next to mine. I feel bad for that person. Shes a vampire. But not any ordinary vampire shes one of the most powerful vampires out there. Daniel doesnt know that though. I dont understand why she hasnt told him but she told me? When she first came in this room, her eyes were bloody red. Her fangs were dripping redness. Gross. But she didnt bite me. She beat me. Beat me to death. I' m surprised she didnt kill me. When she was beating me i whispered to myself ' I love you Aiden, Where ever you are ' she must have heard because once the words left my mouth,she stopped. Guilt inmediately took over her facial expression. She whispered something but was cut off by someone screaming. It was a male yelling. It sounded like Aiden. She then left. Was it him? I thought about the males voice over and over again. Was he here? I have to find Him. Before he gets hurt. Suddenly the door burst open to reveal a very angry Daniel...
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